Tech Gadgets for Students – Boogie Board Tablet, Sky WiFi Smartpen and Wireless Hard Drive

It is not correct for students to claim that technology is useful only for time pass after coming from school or college. To improve students and their capabilities there are readily available many tech gadgets, PC software applications and mobile apps. Furthermore, these are not so costly to purchase and some of them are even provided free of cost online and enticing.

Special LCD Writing Tablet

If you use eWriters in the classroom instead of writing notebooks, sketchbooks and memo pads, you need not turn the pages for the written work thus saving the paper and saying goodbye to paper clutter. All you’ve to do to begin writing notes or drawing is touch the screen of the instrument and it appears. For that Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter is available.

Tech Gadgets for Students - Boogie Board Tablet, Sky WiFi Smartpen and Wireless Hard Drive 1
Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter

Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter is equipped with a 9.5″ LCD Writing Surface and electro-magnetic technology based Stylus. With the inbuilt memory being provided in pad, you can save nearly 200 pages notes. In case memory is filled, with only one click you can delete all notes. The notes stored in Pad can be copied duly connecting it to your PC through USB. Later, there is also possibility to edit the notes in computer system. For the stylus a case has been provided to keep on top portion of the eWriter. The cost of Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter will be Rs. 6,290/-
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Sky Wi-Fi SmartPen in Pocket

Those of you using some pen for writing running notes in class, you should know about this ‘Sky Wifi Smartpen’ which appears just like your usual ballpoint pen. If you write using this smart pen, with the help of infrared camera and microphone provided in the pen it records total notes & audio and saves as digital file. The so saved data can be accessed, edited and modified by connecting the Smartpen to your computer or any other device wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

You can monitor the capacity of the battery and storage capacity time to time with the LED display provided on Smartpen. You have to use this Smartpen on special paper and for that purpose E-Book is provided. While writing the notes with special Wifi network you can upload in Mobiles, Tablets and PCs. You can backup the notes written in cloud storage tools like Evernote and Google Drive and then it can be shared with friends online. The cost of Sky Wifi Smartpen will be nearly Rs. 8,270/-
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Seagate Goflex Satellite Wireless Hard-Drive

Store your project files, notes and other records all in a safe and special hard-drive which can be kept like purse in jean pant and connected to computer in wireless method. Manufactured by Seagate, it is ‘Goflex Satellite’ with 500 GB memory capacity.

Tech Gadgets for Students - Boogie Board Tablet, Sky WiFi Smartpen and Wireless Hard Drive 2

Goflex Satellite links wirelessly at a time through Wifi network to your system, phone and tablets. You can utilize the Wifi network with the special battery provided in this and once it is charged, you can use it for 3 hours. To access your media stored in Goflex Satellite there’s GoFlex Media free app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Goflex Satellite cost will be nearly Rs. 11,500/-
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