Motion LE1700 TABLET PC – The Ultimate Tool for Productivity

The multipurpose Motion LE1700 released my Motion Computing is an amazing tablet PC that provides ultimate computing productivity to professionals while walking or standing.

Motion LE1700 has a semi- rugged design and has adaptable capabilities which provide the users with mobile productivity and high end performance. This portable tablet PC comes with superior integrated features and advanced ergonomics which makes it professional to work with.

Motion LE1700 is powered with latest technology Intel@ Core 2 Duo processor which enhances the operational speed and enhances the overall performance. Motion LE1700 is fully loaded with new input and output connectivity as it comes with advances wireless connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.That’s not all it uses the latest mobile broadband technology for wireless connection which gives the users a new level for wireless connection.

Motion LE1700 has a convertible features that allows the users to turn this notebook into a desktop in no time. Users can opt for accessories like flexi doc and convertible keyboard for easy data input. Motion LE1700 has other key features like wide touch screen which supports pen and speech for inputting data, 12.1” UltraView display for bright and shaper display, PC card slot, light weight balanced design that supports computing while walking or standing, 2GB RAM, light weight sleek design approx. 3lbs and an amazing Main memory of 80 GB.

Motion LE1700 has led to a beginning of a new chapter in evolution of tablet PCs and mobile computing.

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