The 12 Best and Most Useful Utility Software Tools

It is known that free software utilities are available in the internet. Some varieties of utility software are big in size and some utilities are in small size not more than 2 MB to 5 MB but even-then, while using those are most useful. The big size software which gives burden to system is called bloatware. Besides these there are freely available various kinds of small and best utility software in the internet useful to all. Among those, here’s about some important software utilities.


The freeware utility SpaceSniffer is a disk scanning utility using which, in a system having so many files stored, you can know how files and folders are structured and where it was stored.

After scanning the drive through this, how space was occupied on your disks can be viewed visually.


You may get some sort of eye problems due to sitting before computer screen and working for long. This problem is due to monitor color temperature.

F.lux Settings

The f.lux software application will match the room temperature lights with monitor color temperature. Through this, depending on the room lights, there is a possibility to adjust monitor.


It is a most important tool being used by many for maintaining the system. It will reveal total status of CPU.

CPU-Z will inform about CPU (clock speed and more details), motherboard, RAM, GPU and other system devices. This freeware application will help to inform about the working capacity of CPU.


This free utility considerably reduces the time of copying or moving files on your Windows computer.


At the time of copying files and folder using TeraCopy the interface will give useful information and copy status. In the same way another utility is in use by name FastCopy.


When compared to Windows XP the indexed searching given in Windows 7 will be very speed. Better than this, Everything tool from will give more speedy indexed searching that locates files and folders by name instantly. Even-though there’s searching facility in Windows, there is every possibility to do searching as needed through this utility.


The processors Core i3, i5, i7 are very strong and will handle elegantly the thermal and power loads. Even though it is very important to know and understand to monitor speedily working clock speed of these chips. Through TMonitor software the Core i-series chips can be monitored.

Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN)

Through internet you’ll face some troubles and to save the PC from those troubles Book and Nuke utility will help. After download first you’ve to write it into a bootable CD and at the time booting the system using DBAN can remove viruses and spyware and can also prevent hard disk forensic analysis or identity theft by deleting the contents of hard drive.


Generally everyone delete files and there’s possibility to recover the deleted files with file recovery software. Due to this, at the time of selling hard disk, you should be careful in regard to the recovery of sensitive data. This small security software tool Eraser can completely remove sensitive data and will do unrecoverable the deleted data on your hard drive.


BitTorrent client uTorrent is being used largely and is having very less size (free uTorrent.exe is just 2.41MB). Through uTorrent bulk downloads of any file size can be done.

KeePass Password Safe

After the internet came into practice, passwords number had been increased more. From your e-mail account to Facebook login, for every necessity online user ID and password is compulsory. In this process everyone will be having more than one password for security purposes and to keep that important information at one secure place KeePass will be of great help.

This small password manager utility will keep carefully all your passwords in a totally 256 encrypted database with one single master password which only has to be remembered. Using this all your important data like online banking info, ATM PIN numbers, passwords and User IDs can be kept very safe and secure.

Gmail Notifier

The new Gmail messages received are displayed through Gmail Notifier which resides as your system tray icon. Without the need of web browser, you can view your unread Gmail messages, Gmail chatting messages and other social network messages through Gmail Notifier.

Nail it!

For those of you who open various types of windows (folders, read me file windows) at a time, to keep any window stay on top Nail it! is helpful. Once one window is needed and next another window is required. In this process, without closing any of the windows, you can do nail. To say, by doing Nail to any active window it will be on top in the screen. If not required you can UnNail it. After running this application, it runs as icon in the system tray and allows you to Nail windows so that they stay on top.


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