Popular Android Lifestyle Applications

Lifestyle will be changed provided a Android Smartphone is in your hands. As in PCs it is brought to optimal use by installing useful apps. You can get many more things pertaining to lifestyle in a android smartphones with special applications. For example, you can know the details about Vastu Shastra, you can know from Hindu calendar about the day, date and stars, you can select in the mobile as to what type of hairstyle is to get done before going to the salon and for girls an application with nail designs is available. There are so many great applications like this for youth today. Let’s know about some wonderful android lifestyle applications now.

Lifestyle Apps for Men

Men Hair Styles

It is needless to say to anyone these days that how much important is their hairstyle to look smart. The android smartphone users can download from Google Play the app named ‘Men Hair Styles’ using which you an select the suitable hairstyle in mobile before going to the hair cutting salon.

men hair styles lifestyle app on Google Play

The hairstyles will be viewed according to the shape of the face. You can view & select from thousands of varieties of hairstyles and selected styles can be saved on your SD card. You can also share your selected favorite hairstyles with your friends. There are different categories of hairstyles included such as long hairstyles, short hairstyle, spikey hairstyles, curly hair styles etc.

Men Hairstyles

Yet another hair styling android app for men who like to look good.

Popular Android Lifestyle Applications 1

Using this hairstyle app, you can easily know as to what type of hairstyle will suit according to the shape of the face.

Clothing by Antonio Tonev

Only hairstyle! What about dressing?

mens clothing app by Tonee Lifestyle App on Google Play

Using this free men’s clothing app you view suits, shirts, jeans, jackets, t-shirts etc zone-wise by browsing. What type of dress suits you better will be known by this tool.

Cool Guy – Style App for Men

Cool Guy is a very useful lifestyle app for men to look handsome and stylish beyond description.

Cool Guy Lifestyle App on Google Play

Going to the Menu you can browse fashion trends to view and also to know the fashion methods. You can purchase your selected stuff in the respective online stores.

Tattoos for Men

If required attractive and inspiring tattoo designs Skol Labs ‘Tattoos’ app is available. Type the keywords in search box and the tattoo artists can be searched. Desired tattoos can be saved with SD card.

Lifestyle Apps for Women

Change Hairstyle Deluxe

The main problem of ladies is the decision whether to comb the hair or leave it while going to the parties. Specially for ladies there’s Smart Hair Styles app.

Uploading the photo into the application you can view applying different hairstyles provided in the menu. There are many hairstyles like short, long, curly and medium along with viewing by changing the colors of the hair. The results can be shared in Facebook and other social networks.

There is another hairstyle app like this named Woman Hairstyles which is of great help to all fashionable girls! You can find your favorite hairstyles by browsing in the application gallery.

Nails Art Designs

Most of ladies like nail polish and this nail art designs app is attracting all ladies. There are so many nail art designs in the gallery and you can know how those designs will look according to the shape of the nails.

Lifestyle app Nails Art Designs

You can search the required designs with keywords in the search. For example, if you like flower design, type flowers in the search and if marriage suited designs are needed, search using ‘wedding nail’ keyword.

Makeup Ideas

There are special applications for touch-ups and makeups. There are many images pertaining to various makeup styles from eyes to lips. You can save your favorite designs in the gallery on your SD card and also can share them with friends.

What about woman who love high-heel shoes? You can view Women’s shoes fashion trends app. Thousands of designer woman shoes and sandals models are available in the apps gallery. You can save the selected models on your SD card, or share with friends.

Vastu, Hindu Calendar and Numerology Horoscope

The details relating to Vastu shastra are required, you have to install Vastu Compass app.

Popular Android Lifestyle Applications 2

Using this vastu app on your android smartphone, you can know all vastu directions through active compass in it. As if compass, you’ve to keep the mobile parallel to the earth surface to use it. There is another useful app like this named Vastu Calculator that boasts that
“Vastu + Living = Harmony in Life”

Whatever smartphone it may be, will have only English calendar as default. Unlike this, if you want calendar updates as per Hindu shastra, and to know date, stars and festival details, you’ve to install Hindu Calendar app. Location is to be entered after installing and with this the calendar will be loaded with local data.

According to numerology, if you want to know personal horoscope daily, there is Numerology Daily Horoscope app. You have to enter your birth date details to show your horoscope details for the day.

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