Lock Your Computer With A Secret Pattern

To avoid viewing of important files by others, you can lock your computer desktop with a ‘pattern lock’ which is a new technique to help protect your computer made possible with Eusing Maze Lock freeware @ snapfiles.com/get/mazelock.html. Install the application and create or draw lock pattern with your mouse. In case, you doubt of forgetting the drawn pattern, you can save pattern as if backup image file.

Lock Your Computer With A Secret Pattern 1

At anytime, happened to go leaving your PC, left click on the maze lock icon viewed in the system tray which will lock PC with your preset pattern. Again to access the desktop, draw the secret pattern with your mouse.

Lock Your Computer With A Secret Pattern 2

Others trying to unlock your computer happens to draw three times, and if they draw wrong patterns, it sounds alarming siren and like screensaver it will be locked automatically blocking the access for 1-3 minutes or even shutdown computer. Also you can set Autolock computer when left alone for some time. And if not necessary, right click on the maze lock icon in your system tray and click ‘Disable AutoLock’. Go to General ► Options dialog to configure these type of settings.

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