Wonderful Facilities with Free Software Utility Tools

Is PC or lappy at home? If you use the available software tools all requirements will not serve. If you know about new tools, then you can get the works done at once easily. Yes, time to time you should know the very new software utility tools to do the work more easily and efficiently on your computer. Whether freeware or shareware, if you install, you can power your PCs with many facilities.

Shell Tools

To reduce any image resolution, you have to depend upon some editing tools. Unlike this, there is another easy way to reduce the resolution by just right-clicking on image file. Likewise in the right click menu itself you can obtain location path of file or folder, file extensions and text file. Right click on the file and copy path. With ‘File Note’ option you can write notes and save as .txt file. All this is possible with Shell Tools freeware. Immediately on installing additional commands will be visible in the right click menu for files and folders.

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Tool

What about Windows 8? To get upgraded to the new Windows 8 OS, will the system, installed software & devices readily cooperate? How much will be the system configuration? To know about all these, download and install Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant tool. Run it and immediately it will scan the PC and gives the compatibility details.

GoodFrame Tool

To process the photos to be more beautiful and useful, install GoodFrame freeware and you can add various types of frame borders. And with ‘Image Parameters’ option, you can crop and resize the photos. Also besides adding frames and changing image parameters, the selected logo in the shape of watermark can be added to your photos.

Shadow Copy Tool

To copy the files in the system from one folder to another place, try Shadow Copy freebie. The salient feature of this small file copy tool is that the files which were locked by Windows can also be copied and pasted. The source files or the files which were to be copied are to be selected from ‘Copy from’ and to provide the destination folder select ‘Copy to’.


With one click to launch multiple applications or Windows commands install Batchrun tool. You can run multiple applications through Command menu by selecting the files, software applications to be run. Click on ‘Add’ to set the list and the total list as batch file can be saved to startup and desktop. And whenever those applications are to be run, double-click the batch file icon visible on the desktop. With Batchrun you can also run other Windows commands like Copy, KillProcess, Rename, DelTree, Makedir, Delete and End Process.

Toolbar Cleaner

Using browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome you will load occasionally suited addons, toolbars and extensions. To easily remove which are not necessary among them with one click use the small application – Toolbar Cleaner. Immediately on running the tool, a window will appear with total details of your installed browser toolbars, plug-ins and extensions. The unwanted items in those by duly selecting through check boxes, can be removed from your browser. The startup programs in Windows can also be monitored.


In the way of deleted unnecessary files, some files stand undeleted as they may be locked or may be running in some other programs. In such circumstances to unlock files and to delete, rename or copy the file, LockHunter is to be installed. Just right-click on the problematic file/folder and choose “What’s locking this file?” to launch LockHunter tool with options to unlock, rename, copy or delete it!


To view the last computer activity which include applications run, files and folders opened, installed software and more in the PC previously, LastActivityView tool is available. By extract, run the EXE file in the folder, then appears total records as a list with action date and time, filename and full path details. The information can be saved as xml, html or text file.

Clone Stamp Tool

Through applying the pixels from one place to another place, the unwanted parts in the photo can be made better which is called as cloning. By cloning, the unnecessary portions (pixels) in the photo can be filled with another portion (pixel) in the photo and thus is very helpful in removing scratches, ink stains and also clear backgrounds. Therefore the photo quality will improve and looks good. Without any necessity of using Photoshop to clone easily the free tool Clone Stamp is helpful. For those who can’t afford the costliest software like Photoshop, Clone Stamp tool is useful to them. Through this tool you can easily do retouch of the photos.

Tool to Update Drivers

Maximum percentage of computer users after installation of Windows and other hardware devices, will not think of its updates. Sometimes when the drivers are not updated, the system faces problems. Time to time freshly the respective hardware manufacturers will provide updates of their relative drivers. The useful program for updating drivers is ‘Driver Identifier’ which can be downloaded from www.driveridentifier.com. Using DriverIdentifier finding right device drivers is made easy because it will checkup the drivers and if there is any latest drivers to the existing hardware devices, it will be downloaded.

Media Converter Tool for Mobile Phones

In recent days so many people are using mobiles from medium range phone to smartphones and tablets. But they’re facing problems when it comes to playing video as the videos in their PCs are not playable in their phones. You can overcome such problems by using the program by name ‘ArcSoft MediaConverter‘. This application is useful to convert the video, movies, audio, and photo file formats in your systems so as to play in your mobile phones and tablets. With HD & 3D support, you can convert ordinary 2D videos & photos files in your phone into 3D files and it also supports adding of various effects to video.

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