Speed Up Firefox with SpeedyFox in a Single Click!

Firefox is the second most popular browser around, so for many of you it’s the browser of choice. But the main problem with Firefox is, it gets slowed down with the passage of time mainly because of the fragmentation of databases. This effects the startup time, browsing history load time and thus the overall speed of your favorite Firefox browser. Speedyfox firefox bomb - Speed Up Firefox
So, if you would like to speed up Firefox and see it run a bit faster, then try SpeedyFox.
SpeedyFox is a free software tool that boosts Firefox in a single click on Windows and Mac.

This free tool speeds up browsing history and allows for quicker operation with cookies. Firefox’s startup is improved as well, by handling profile fragmentation that hinders it from loading quicker.

SpeedyFox has a download size of just 1.5 megabytes (MB) and after the installation it can automatically detects the Firefox’s default profile and other profiles you have created. All you need to do is select the profile you want to optimize from the profile drop-down menu and hit Speed Up My Firefox! button.Speed Up Firefox with SpeedyFox Software in a Single Click!
The whole optimization process time of your Firefox depends on how large your databases are and it does not effect your history, bookmarks, passwords, etc.

It took me just few minutes to complete the optimization process of my default profile and now I can experience a speedier Firefox than ever before. Besides Firefox SpeedyFox can also boost the speed of your Chrome, Opera, Skype, Thunderbird and other apps. Thanks to CrystalIdea for designing this remarkable software to boost Firefox, Chrome, Skype, Thunderbird, Opera in a single click! Download SpeedyFox from CrystalIdea.com and try it yourself to speed up Firefox. Post in your testimonial about SpeedyFox in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “Speed Up Firefox with SpeedyFox in a Single Click!”

  1. You say Firefox is the 2nd most popular browser – may I ask what’s your source of information? I’m asking because I wrote a similar post about the speed of Firefox on my blog and based on the W3schools Web site, Firefox is now the most popular browser. It beats all versions of IE combined.

  2. @pcmemoirs nice to hear from you. Many user are still comfortable using different Versions of IE as it is the bundled browser in all versions of Microsoft Windows, which is obviously most popular OS. And according to the recent study done by chitika based on sample of 163 million US/Canada impressions across the Chitika network, about 65% of Windows users use the bundled browser. Also I have to agree to what have said coz Firefox is replacing IE because of its ease of use, enhanced security features and many add-ons and extensions it provides.

  3. @andihawe Fasterfox is all about network tweaks and stuff but this software deals with profile fragmentation on your computer. I don’t have FasterFox add-on installed coz its standard version doesn’t support the latest version of FF. Btw did you find this software useful? let me know how many times it has boosted your browser speed.

  4. I installed this on my FF and it has already made a fast connection to sites and tool bar functions even faster. I also have high speed internet via DSL through ATT at a 6 mbps connection speed so now I can breeze through the internet with ease. The only problems I still have and this is not FF’s problem it is in accessing sites that may no longer exist or sites which are stored on servers that are having issues thus preventing being able to connect to them right away.Other than that I am enjoying my continued user experience with FF.

  5. Thanks for sharing – I use FireFox, Opera and Flock for my browsers – I develop web pages, so I have to be sure of browser compatibility of the pages. FireFox is the favorite.

  6. @Mike according to my analysis of my stats FF is the number on browser people are using to access my web site. Here is a breakdown of what my browser stats look like.Firefox 242 63.19%Internet Explorer 89 23.24%Chrome 23 6.01%Safari 22 5.74%Opera 4 1.04%

  7. thanks for the info on speedyfox. what i do to keep FF fast is to keep my addons to a bare minimum. FF’s extensibility can also be its downfall if you go wild in adding extensions to it…

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