Top 7 Best Android Apps that Makes Your Travel Easier

Smartphones have become an integral tool for travel. Whether we use them for plotting round the world trips, checking maps, hailing a cab, looking for somewhere good to eat, or simply working out when the next bus is going to arrive, it has become difficult to remember the days when we didn’t get a helping hand from this technology. Here’s a useful rundown of the best seven travel applications available on Android phones today.

7 Best Travel Applications for Android Phone and Tablet

1. Uber

– This app has set the world abuzz and transformed the way we travel by taxi.

– With Uber you can compare rates and get instant fare quotes.

– After booking a car it’s even possible to check your driver’s location and estimated time of arrival for extra peace of mind.

2. Kayak

– Helps with the delicate balancing act that is international travel, making sure flights transfer and connect, and that the right accommodation is in the right place and at the right price.

– Kayak allows users to swipe through available flights, hotels and car hire companies, and places an emphasis on affordability.

-Kayak keeps track of all the latest market fluctuations, so if there’s a sudden price drop you will be the first to know.

3. Expensify

– As any business traveller will attest, one of the major inconveniences of trips is keeping track of expenses and filing reports.

– In this respect Expensify is a real time saver that has built up a loyal base of devotees, importing expenses straight with a credit card and allowing users to scan receipts to be compiled later.

– This saves time and effort, allows travelers to focus on the job at hand and not petty paperwork.

4. Google Translate

– Undoubtedly the most reliable translation app available, Google Translate helps avoid any number of potential mishaps while travelling in a foreign country.

– over 100 different languages are now translatable, and this can make all the difference in a wealth of situations when you need to understand or be understood.

5. XE Currency

– Exchange rates can be very confusing on international trips, and that’s where XE Currency’s app comes in.

– On the spot, users can check the latest conversion rates, which is a particularly useful tool on shopping trips and at restaurants when time is of the essence.

– This app has already been downloaded more than 10 million times and is the undoubted leader in its field.

6. Google Maps

– Still the best map service, Google Maps is equipped with a host of useful features.

– Users can find local transport services and amenities, and also calculate estimated journey times on foot, by bike, public transport or car.

– These days it also comes integrated with Uber , the game-changing taxi app.

– Today more than 256 countries across the globe are represented, with an ever-growing number of cities depicted on the immersive Street View option.

– You can get even more options through closely-related apps like Maptive. For example, you could make custom heat maps, tailored to your specific needs.

7. TripAdvisor

– This app has practically made the travel agency a thing of the past and has given holidaymakers a better idea of what awaits them abroad.

– With the wonder of crowdsourcing, holidaymakers now have catalogues of useful reviews and consumer testimonials at their fingertips.

– Discover the best accommodation, restaurants, days out, attractions and beaches, and find out what the managers don’t want you to know.

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