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How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram was not only to entertain people and get connected with folks. Now, Instagram is been transformed as huge online marketing tool. It is a wonderful way to attract audience via posts, stories, and catchy videos. The e-commerce industry is highly benefited with the ...Read More

Social Media Marketing for Millennials

Millennials are people classified between the age of 18 – 34 years. However, this range could be way younger. Apparently, people between the age of 26-42 years are also perceived as millennials. A majority of millennials are now working adults and constitute a larger ...Read More

Ways to Elevate Influencer Marketing ROI

According to a study by Mediakix, brands have spent around $1.6 billion on Instagram influencer marketing so far in 2018. In fact, the global spend on influencer marketing is likely to reach $10 billion annually by 2020. This begs the questions: What kind of ...Read More