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I Played Basketball Google Doodle

Google Doodle Team, led by creatively left-handed Ryan Germick have been doing commendable work this London 2012 Olympic season by releasing an assortment of entertaining and interactive Olympic doodles which will create a sense of surprise and delight each time when millions of people land on Google and have fun [Continue Reading…]

Les Paul Google Doodle Guitar Doing Wonders | Google Had to Give it a Permanent Home

Over the years doodles on the Google homepage have emerged as the artistic and decorative way of celebrating important calender dates including holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous scientists and artists thus making searching on Google more fun and enjoyable. Here comes one such doodle recently featured on the [Continue Reading…]

Daily Screenshot – Holi Google Doodle 2011

2011 Holi (India) Google Doodle is really colorful and I’m loving it. For global readers, Holi needs a introduction and here it is – Holi is spring religious festival of colors celebrated by Indians. With this colorful change to Google logo on Holi festival day – March 19 2011, searching [Continue Reading…]