I Played Basketball Google Doodle

Google Doodle Team, led by creatively left-handed Ryan Germick have been doing commendable work this London 2012 Olympic season by releasing an assortment of entertaining and interactive Olympic doodles which will create a sense of surprise and delight each time when millions of people land on Google and have fun playing them.

Ryan Germick

According to Ryan Germick – “Having fun is not wasting time.”

Follow up to yesterday’s Hurdles-2012 doodle, today’s sporting Google doodle is an interactive basketball game so addictive that all you’ve to do to make the player start shooting basketballs is hit the space bar.

Just press the space-bar to aim or attain power to the shot and release it to shoot. The longer you hold down the space bar, more power will be imparted into the ball. You can also use the mouse by holding and releasing the left mouse key to shoot basketballs. This basketball game doodle is timed where you’re given 24 seconds to make as many shots as you can.

Basketball-2012 Google Doodle Game

You may need a buzzer beater for a 3 coin score. My 2 coin Score: 30.

I Played Basketball Google Doodle 1

What’s your score?? Play it Now!

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