Troubleshooting CommentLuv No Last Blog Posts to Return Error

No doubt CommentLuv is one of the best WordPress plug-ins ever that’s widely used in the blogging community as a medium to show a token of love and appreciation to fellow commenters. CommentLuv server visits the site of the commenter and fetches the feed to include last blog post at the bottom of the comment.

But this CommentLuv system fails to work when errors creep in the blog feed which in-turn pings CommentLuv server to ban the url after persistent errors received when trying to read the feed. That is when commenters face this ‘no last blog post to return’ error message in place of their last blog post title.

CommnetLuv No Last Blog Posts to Return Error

As already said, the root cause for the commenLuv server to ban commenters site is its inability to fetch the feed, which may have occurred due to feed errors. If the url of the feed doesn’t appear to reference valid xml file then comluv server cannot fetch the last post from the feed.

So, the first step to be taken in resolving this error is to go and check the blog feed errors at and troubleshoot them if any with the help suggestions given thereby and make sure the feed is valid.

Next, go to CommnetLuv unban url page and enter the site url in the unban box and click submit.

When you’re on this page, you can also have a look as to why some people get their url banned explained in lucid way. As soon the site is submitted for unban, CommentLuv updates its servers and tries to fetch the site feed again. And if the feed is error free then it successfully fetches the feed and shows the last blog post to be published below the comment as shown below:

Hope this has helped you in resolving “No Last Blog Posts to Return” error by CommentLuv.


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