5 Great Apps to Stay Fit at The Office

5 Great Apps to Stay Fit at The Office

It’s always a challenge to stay fit at the office. Most of the practices at the office don’t promote good health. Think of the poor posture that results from prolonged sitting at a desk, eyestrain that generates from long gaze at a computer screen, or obesity that limited movement promotes.

It’s easy for you to blame the ethics or gadgets in your office for these conditions. It’s just that blames can’t solve the problem, but technology can do so. Out there, we have several tech products that can help you reverse the negative effects of office routine. Even, a simple app can help you to stay fit at work. The best part is that you can use them right inside your office. As you read through this article, you’ll see five of these apps. 123Termpapers.com experts tested many apps and prepared the 5 best apps on this list:

1. Stand Up! The Work Break Timer

It’s easy for you to forget to stand up and move after working for some time. But this app can’t forget to remind you to get up and move at certain intervals. You can program the reminder to fit the kind of job that you do at the office so that you don’t fall behind schedule while exercising your body. At each exercise time, you don’t have to do hard exercises. You can engage in simple exercises like arm circle and neck roll.

2. Office Yoga

Office Yoga app will keep your mind and body in good shape. It increases your focus on work and strengthens your body. This app features more than twenty yoga poses that require a small workspace. There are simple instructions that serve as a guide for each pose. All the poses can help you to reduce stress, build strength and focus well.

3. Luminosity

Fitness begins with the mind, and this app does a good job of keeping minds very fit. Luminosity exercises the brain by turning tasks from neuroscientist into fun games. The games from this app can boost cognitive abilities. The app is a good brain relaxer, so you won’t like to miss out on it.

4. Time Out

Time Out lets you have frequent breaks at the office. Staring at your computer screen for several hours isn’t healthy for your eyes. This app ensures that you take breaks after working for some time by fading out your screen when it’s break time. It restores the normal screen display when break time is over. You can customize the break to suit your job, and you can skip a break if you happen to be in the middle of an urgent task.

5. Headspace

You can picture this app as a coach for your mind. It’s an app that teaches everyone how to meditate at all places. Meditation is perfect for mental fitness, and this app provides you with lots of mediation exercises. With this app, you can be meditating for about 10 minutes every day at the office. The meditation exercises from headspace allow you to relax well and stay fit at the office.


Even if the nature of your work doesn’t give you the chance to move around and exercise your body, the apps that we mentioned above will afford you the opportunity. Get them today and start using them to stay fit at the office.

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