Is Technology Losing Human Touch?

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From businesses to personal relationships, technology affects our lives in many ways. It is impossible to argue that it delivers an abundance of benefits. Nonetheless, it is also undeniable that it has its cons. For instance, one of the most common assertions is that technology is killing human touch. Yes, that could be the case. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening. If you take a human computer interaction course, for instance, you will know how humans and technology can blend.

Technology is Killing Human Interaction

Digital technologies have forged stronger connections for people across the world. However, as a result, humans are losing the ability to communicate effectively with one another. Personal interaction is minimized, and in turn, this is where the human touch is lost. With social media and messaging apps, it is easy to communicate online.

Technology has made us smarter, but is that enough? The answer is no! Having human interaction makes the relationship warmer and more authentic. Emojis, stickers, and GIFs are often used to convey messages. However, there is nothing more genuine than seeing a smile on someone’s face or hearing a loud laugh in person.

It Changes the Way You Behave

In the real world, it requires more effort to approach someone and start a conversation. In the online realm, however, it’s a different case. Take the example of a dating application. It is easy to pretend that you are a completely different person. You can also be more outgoing when it comes to conversations. Whereas, once you are talking in person, you might end up being more reserved. Technology can trigger behavioral changes.

Not a Replacement to Human Touch

Technology cannot replace the human touch. There is something intimate about face-to-face interactions that is simply lacking in technology. Even if you can see someone’s face or hear a person’s voice when using tech tools, this is not enough to create an intimate connection. You cannot feel that person’s hand against your skin. You cannot hear the person breathing next to you. The relationship is only virtual. There is no deep connection, which could have been possible if people are speaking personally.

Technology Augments, Not Replaces

Rather than being a replacement to humans and human touch, technology should be seen as a facet that augments. There is no need to choose between technology and humans. The two can go hand-in-hand. So, even if you are actively using technology, such as when communicating with your peers, this should not be a reason to be under social isolation. Go out and meet your friends. Talk to them just like the old times. Let go of your gadgets and you will feel genuine emotions against what you feel when talking to them online.

In sum, with the things mentioned above, technology is indeed killing human touch. We are losing human interaction. However, this should never be the case. Technology should augment and not replace the human touch.

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