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Technology has had a big role to play in paving the success story of online casino industry. Since its start during 1990s, the online casinos have undergone substantial changes for offering modern-day players with ‘n’ number of options. These games had sub-par graphics and repetitive audios during its launch. But the best slave games now come with improved music and graphics which can deliver a more streamlined gaming experience. If you are a live casino game aficionado, then you have come to the right place as today we are going to take a brief look at the technologies which run at the backend of games such as blackjack.

  • Gaming Control Units

GCU or gaming control unit is a software which remains attached with the tables you see in live casinos. Dealers can maintain a bird’s eye view of everything happening on the tables from this device. It also offers guidance on when a card can be drawn or put on the table while playing games like blackjack or when the wheel should be spinned while playing games like roulette. The GCU can surely be termed as one of the most important part of live casino. Although the device has dimensions similar to a shoebox, it can encode the broadcasted video.

  • Dealer

Dealers are entrusted with the responsibility of handling the game so that the players feel as if they are engaged in a traditional casino setup. This makes it imperative for the dealer to be well aware of all the gaming rules and for this, they need to undergo stringent training. All the actions of the dealers get tracked via a smart card courtesy the latest technologies.

  • Monitor

Monitor determines the view enjoyed by online players on screen. But if you are not in the mood of viewing the screen, then you can choose a blind-spot which is not picked up by the camera and sit there. Monitor urges the dealers to keep track of the bets and take action when required. Dealers can enjoy a clear view of all the online players and even engage in live chat for providing prompt solution to their queries.

  • Cameras

You might think that a few regular cameras are all that are required for bringing a casino game to life. But in reality, it requires HD and even 4K cameras having high frame rates for getting the ball rolling. Doing this ensures the best view for the players which can completely do away with all the differences of a brick-and-mortar casino and an online setup. A minimum of three cameras surrounds the table allowing the players to view the dealer, the whole table and the dealers’ hands while putting down cards or spinning the wheel. As a camera remains focused on the dealer, it guarantees more realistic results just like a land casino. Latest technological breakthroughs are allowing the usage of more powerful yet smaller cameras during the streaming of live feeds.

  • Wheel

The casino room might or might not include a wheel depending on the type of game you are playing. Wheels in general have built-in sensors allowing the casino software to interface with them.

  • Optical Camera Recognition Technology

The live casino industry has successfully integrated Optical Camera Recognition for recording even the smallest of details in the gaming room which can be streamed directly to the players. Apart from being able to communicate on a real-time basis with the dealer, OCR also fosters the transformation of everything into a meaningful data format. Every action ranging from spinning the wheel to shuffling of cards, distribution of hands, etc gets captured by OCR technology which mimics the feel of a brick-and-mortar casino.

Final Words

The various technologies powering live casino gaming make it a highly interesting affair in the form of realistic gaming solutions. Apart from being fun, it is also highly convenient given the current pandemic times when most land casinos have put their shutter down. But people can keep themselves entertained with these games while being seated at the comfort of their home. You will just require a stable internet connection for enjoying the best of casino games either in your mobile, laptop or desktop.

While live casinos are a comparatively new addition in the field of online gambling, it offers higher level of payback percentage when compared to other casino games. Software of reputable global brands like Playtech, Microgaming, Amaya Gaming, Realtime Gaming etc are used by live casinos. The fact that the game is conducted by a human dealer on real-time basis adds further to the fun quotient. Often there is a live chat option in case players need assistance regarding something.

These casino games might require players to switch on their cameras and webcams while playing a live casino game. Players don’t need to worry about privacy issues as they can easily find a clever angle which doesn’t reveal their face.

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