Five Ways to Prove Your Company is Unique

For your business to be unique, you need a unique selling proposition (USP) that is well-thought-out. This goes a long way in distinguishing your brand from other brands in the same business category.

Have you given a thought to your company’s USP and considered ways in which it could separate you from your competitors? For clients, everything else is equal, but a USP creates a big difference between winners and losers.

Here are some ways to help you prove your uniqueness amongst competitors.

5 Ways to Prove your Company is Unique

1. Provide the Best Customer Service

The customer service quality significantly measures a company’s true test of competence. It is essential to treat your clients like royalty, even if your brand is not service-oriented. Every individual has expectations of excellent customer service, whether in a service company or a products company. No client wants to put up with long lines, waiting lists, and delayed query responses from customer support.

Many businesses brag about the quality of their customer service; however, claims alone cannot quantify the legitimacy. Therefore, you have to deliver an otherworldly customer service experience that others don’t provide to prove your uniqueness.

Think of a way to offer your clients a unique service that transcends what your business rivals are doing.

Remember, customer service includes other supporting elements of a business brand, such as ease of ordering, training, and installation.

2. Product and Services Differentiation and Honesty

Let honesty be your primary and the best policy. Embrace having tough conversations with your clients about product and services delivery delays, understandably explain the reason for issues. Avoid lying to your clients: this can prove to be fatal to your brand.

Lying can result in customers leaving negative reviews, abandoning your brand for another that has proven its trustworthiness and even dissuading other clients.

Embrace all news, whether good or bad; in doing so, you gain clients’ respect faster than you’d ever think of. It is, however, essential to follow your woes with quick and permanent solutions immediately.

Ensure that the actual physical and perceived differences of your products from those of your competitor are visible. Differentiation can be in the form of performance, features, and efficacy.

Service differentiation doesn’t wind down to customer service and delivery, but also includes other supporting aspects of a business.

Many customers equate quality and experience with a brand. If a client has a bad encounter that remains unsolved, they will likely write off the brand. This is bad for business as a bad review can easily be spread through social media. To be unique and reliable, accept your mistakes, as customers appreciate companies that own up to their missteps and take measures to correct them. A customer-client relationship can actually be strengthened after a problem if it is handled well.

3. Become a Social Business and Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Many brands may argue that a company’s responsibility is only to handle its core stakeholders like employees, clients, and investors or owners. Still, experts will tell you that a good business should help society.

Corporate social responsibility helps businesses stay on customers’ minds and even bring in more revenue.

Focus on a one-for-one model like the one adopted by TOMS, whereby for each pair bought, they donate one pair to a person in need of shoes. You can also opt for reinvesting in the community, like tech giant Microsoft. Additionally, you can provide living wages.

This kind of unique selling proposition may involve a significant shift in your whole business model. Still, it will map you amongst notable companies that are impacting positively on the world.

4. Embrace Technological Shifts

Adopting emerging technologies like social media and mobile apps in your business increases customer traffic, as most prefer to scout for and work with you through their mobile phones. As a unique brand, continue to reinvent your brand by adopting these technologies and introducing new and better products, services, processes, and solutions.

Being unique creates a lasting impression on clients and helps grab attention; this way, you always stay relevant and stand out from the crowd.

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5. Offer Guarantees

Be confident with your product or service and stand by it fully. If you cannot do that, then offer your customers guarantees. Offering this kind of assurance to your clients shows them how you genuinely care about customer satisfaction.

By offering guarantees, you are reducing perceived risks and thus eliminating hesitation and doubt amongst your clients. Guarantees also improve clients’ trust and loyalty to a brand.

Guarantees should not just cover products and services, but also other aspects like customer service. A unique business can offer its clients guarantees like; a quicker response to queries, whether in the form of phone calls, messages, or emails.

To be outstanding, offer your customers guarantees on service experience and product satisfaction.


Standing out in a crowd of business competitors is not easy, and as time goes, it is even becoming more complicated. You can use several ways to prove your company’s uniqueness; these here are just, but a few you can start with. Ensure that your products and services spark some kind of emotions in people.

Five Ways to Prove Your Company is Unique 1

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