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8 Common Mistakes Amateur Data Scientists Are Always Doing

Data science is one of the most popular and fastest-growing industries in the digital universe. With so much information created on a daily basis, businesses get huge volumes of learning sources, but it’s not always easy to extrapolate valid conclusions from seemingly unrelated datasets. ...Read More

8D Audio: The Future of Music Technology

One of the biggest audio and music trends that emerged (or re-emerged, more about that in a bit) recently is 8D audio. Playlists dedicated to this type of sound are everywhere from YouTube to Spotify, and the list is growing. Audiophiles and aspiring producers ...Read More

What is Digital Forensics?

As the world becomes a steadily more digital place, the ways in which crime and fraud are perpetrated have seen a massive shift. And while big cyber-attacks and data breaches tend to steal the headlines, individual businesses from small startups to the largest corporate ...Read More