How to Create a Macro in Microsoft Excel 2003

Macro in Microsoft Excel is a series of keystrokes that are stored as a single procedure. The process of creating this set of keystrokes is known as recording a macro. Whenever you need to perform the same task, you run a macro. It will then repeats all the keystrokes that you had saved. Thus Excel macros save you lot of efforts and also reduce the chances of errors.

Create a Macro in Microsoft Excel 2003

The steps to create an Excel macro are:

  1. Select the Record Macro options from the Tools menu.
  2. Select Record New Macro from the Record Macro sub-menu. The Record New Macro dialog box is displayed.
  3. Type a name for the macro in the name text box and provide a description in the description text box.
  4. Click on the options button to add additional features to it. The options for the record new macro dialog box is displayed. In this dialog box, you can select a shortcut key to run it. The shortcut key is combination of keys beginning with Ctrl key. To assign a shortcut key select the shortcut key check box. Press the keys that you assign as the shortcut key. For example, a shortcut key can be Ctrl + A or Ctrl + Shift + A. By default a macro is saved in current workbook.
  5. Click on OK button to begin recording a macro. Now every key that you press and every option that you select will be recorded in it.
  6. Click on the stop recording button after you have finished entering all the keystrokes. You can also stop recording by selecting the stop recording option from the record macro sub-menu.

Running of Excel Macros

  1. Select the macros option from the tools menu. The macros dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the macro that you want to run from the list of the names.
  3. Click on the run button to execute it.

Here’s a presentation on creating macros in Excel 2003 step-by-step:

Microsoft Office 2003 Creating Macros

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