Sony Computers has recently launched a new laptop in its Pocket series – The Sony Vaio P25G, which is a symbol of serene and luxury. This notebook which is available in 5 colors namely black, white, red, green & pirate gold is so incredible light weight and small that you can carry it in your pocket anywhere!SONY VAIO P Series VGN-P25G 1
Sony Vaio P25G, In spite of its sleek design and light weight comes with an 8.0 inches wide LCD screen and isolation keyboard which makes it comfortable for the users for inputting of data without any hassle.

Sony Vaio P25G comes with a 32 bit windows vista business Operating System which provides the users with easy GUI interface for running application. The laptop has used the Intel atom process Z540 (1.86 GHz) for its processing and has an excellent Processor Bus of 533 MHz and Memory bus of 533 MHz. The installed main memory of Sony Vaio P25G comprises Random Access Memory of 2 GB of type DDR2 for boosting the application speed and a cache memory of 512 MB for high speed access to the recent files.

The other leading features of Sony Vaio P25G consists of Intel graphic accelerator 500 for running high end graphic application, SD memory card slot, 2 slots of USB 2.0, Bluetooth connectivity v2.1, Wireless LAN for wireless internet connectivity, frontal side camera of 640 x 480 pixels for easy video conferencing, long battery life of up to 6 hours and telescope dimensions and incredibly light weight of 594 grams including battery!

Set a new dilemma of style and technology with the new Sony Vaio P25G which is priced at MRP Rs. 69,900 (INR).

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