Twittonary aka The Twitter Dictionary

As a tweeple have you ever wondered how to know the meanings to various twitter related words? Then visit and get their meanings & explanations.


Twittonary is mainly created to keep all of the Twitter language in one spot which not only includes twitter related words & phrases but also twitter businesses, twitter applications, and more submitted by tweeple from the twitoverse.

You can either search for a particular word (or) find it from the alphabetical listing provided. And if you want to submit, just go to and click on submit a word (bottom)- where you can also add a link to your twitter page and/or an outside link.Twittonary - The Twitter Dictionary
Every entry submitted by you will be assigned a separate URL which helps you to link to it easily. It also has a special feature of voting every submitted explanation by giving ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’.

So, don’t forget to visit Twittonary and add your Twitter words, Twitter apps and related business.

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