How Safe is Your IP

“My computer got hacked” or “my site got hacked” are common words heard these days from the users of internet. The hackers make use of your IP address to hack in to your computer and retrieve important information. In order to prevent loss of your personal details it is always advisable to use a good antivirus or IP hiding software.

So what is IP hide software?

An IP hiding software helps you to protect your original IP address from being noticed by the other users on the internet. By using IP hide software your original IP address is hidden by another IP address. There are number of IP hiding software available in the market, the type of the software varies from the need of the users. In most of the software you can choose between various IP’s of different countries and regions.

IP hiding software is especially useful for the users who use Wi-Fi modems for connecting to the Internet as most of the hackers prefer to hack in the computers which are connected to Wi-Fi system as they are easy to hack.

The advent of IP hiding software has certainly brought a boon in security of computer but if used for a wrong reason they can be the most dangerous. The only current downfall of using the IP hiding software is that most of the top sites don’t support or allow users using these software due to number of cheats. If you’re just a regular surfer of the internet it is always safe to go for an IP hiding software.

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