Importance of computer systems in today’s management world

The blooming technology has taken deep roots in every field nowadays. It is impossible for anyone to imagine a world without high modern computing environment. It is the worst nightmare for any organization to imagine its functioning without high end automated systems. In management field the computer plays a vital role directly or indirectly. At all the 3 levels of management i.e. operational level, Middle Level and High level wide use of computers is made. Let us see how the computer is essential for the levels of management.

In Operational level of any organization there are thousands of transactions to be performed daily. The transactions carried out help to improve the routine business activity and affect the overall performance of any organization. The transactions may include calculations, summarizing or sorting of data. Most of the organizations have automated computer systems for handling their transactions. The use of computers drastically increases the speed at which the transactions occur and provide greater accuracy. The main advantage is that the computers can be programmed and changed from time to time with change in activities.

The middle level management benefits the most by the use of computers and automated systems. The computer helps the manager to take crucial decisions and helps in solving problems. With computers the manager can take better decisions and can draw conclusions with help of precise data in no time. Preparing daily reports in graphical format makes it easier for the manager. The rise and the falls in employee’s performance can be easily traced with several automated systems.

In most of the companies the top level management uses the executive information systems which are structured and automated tracking systems. These systems provide the top level management with rapid access to timely information. The major advantage is that the systems provides the top level management with effective updates of slightest changes in the working conditions and abreast them with what is happening in the major areas.

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