Add a Link App Creates a Direct Link in Your Facebook Fan Page Menu

Isn’t it cool how new facebook applications are created by developers each day that are not only fun, simple and free to use but also help in adding extra features to your account improving your overall experience and productivity on facebook. And sometimes the facebook applications coolest are designed to be the simplest.

Here comes on such wonderful facebook application named ‘Add a Link!’ that creates a direct link to your website or blog in the menu of your facebook fan page.Add a Link Facebook ApplicationsAdd a Link! app is very simple to setup, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to App page @
    ►► select your page to set up
    ►► enter the url to be added and click Submit.

    Add a Link App Settings

  2. Next, confirm Adding Add a link! application to your selected facebook fan page and voila – a new link will appear in your facebook fan page menu as shown in image below.
    Add Add a link! Application to Wonderful Tech Stuff
new link in facebook fan page menu
Link Appeared in the facebook fan page menu

For more reach out to Add a link! page on Facebook @

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