Find Out the List of Friends Who Love Your Photos More on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook user who also happens to be a photo enthusiast then it’s your daily activity to upload your favorite photos and share with your friends.

Who Loves More Your Photos App
Who Loves More Your Photos

You may receive many likes and comments from your friends but what if you want to know the list of friends who love your photos more? You just gotta use this wonderful app published by Animoca called –
“Who Loves More Your Photos” that does that loving work for you.

Who Loves More Your Photos on Facebook allows you to find out which of your friends loves more your photos by putting together and calculating the amount of Facebook likes and comments your receive on your photos from your friends. Go find out the list of friends who loves more your photos on Facebook @


And btw, to use this app, you’ll need to be viewing Facebook over a regular http connection. So, those of you who have enabled https and browsing Facebook over a secure connection, you’ll have to switch to regular connection (http) to allow this app show who love your photos more.


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