Optimize Windows Startup Process with Startup Delayer

Immediately on starting the computer, startup process will take place and Windows OS will be loaded. In this course, if the startup process goes slowly because of loading of startup applications at the same time keeping CPU and Hard Drive busy, then eventually your system works with less speed. To see that your computer works speedily you’ve to speedup the startup process and for this there is a software developed by Cliff Cawley by name ‘Startup Delayer’.

You can configure startup applications easily through dragging Startup Delayer slider control. By dragging slider to left-side, the startup applications will be loaded speedily. And if it is dragged to right-side startup applications will be loaded somewhat slowly. It will be better to keep the slider is such a position as to make sure your CPU and Hard Disk are monitored or idle before launching an application and finally press ‘Save’ button.

Startup Delayer Startup Behaviour Slider Screenshot

Now the significantly existed Startup Delayer window will open. Here click ‘Startup Applications’ tab and there you can view automatically started startup items list. From the startup list appeared, it is enough if unnecessary programs are eliminated from the normal startup section by dragging them into disabled section situated beneath. Here you can also find a portion by name ‘Delayed’ to delay startup timing of those applications that aren’t needed immediately on system startup and can be loaded when the hard drive and processor are somewhat idle.

To download Startup Delayer utility (freeware) go to ->

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