Jesus and Bible Android Apps

It’s prayer time! To pray Jesus, get Jesus Prayer app using which you can pray and put church bells as ringtones.

Jesus Prayer - Blessed is the man who trusts in the lord Jesus

At the time of prayer you can make the bells ring by touching the bell icon.

To read the words in Bible, a verse each day there is an app named ‘Words of Jesus Each Day‘.

Words of Jesus Each Day Android App screenshot

You can share the verse you’re much impressed with friends on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. There is another app like the same to get Jesus words in the way to quotes with Jesus Quotes app. You can email message the selected quotes to others.

Specially to get the quotes from Holy Bible, Bible Quotes app is available. You can share your favorite quotes with others online.

To hear lord Jesus sayings in the way of MP3 audio, store The Holy Bible in Audio MP3 app. You can prepare a playlist duly recording the selected famous quotes from the Bible.

Get Jesus HD wallpapers on your android mobile with Jesus Christ Live Wallpaper apps.

Jesus and Bible Android Apps 1

The images comprising of Jesus sayings can be set as wallpaper with Bible Quotes Live Wallpaper app.

Jesus, Son of Mary

You can arrange wallpapers of Mary (mother of Jesus) with Mother Mary HD Wallpapers app.

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