How Ed-tech Startups Are Helping Students to Crack Civil Service Exams

In today’s day and age, the traditional education system is changing at a fast pace. The traditional coaching classes and tuitions have a lot of replacements. Students are now presented with options of studying using the internet. Students are highly benefited from studying the material provided by Ed-Tech startup companies that provide learning platforms to the secondary education system that offers alternatives to traditional schooling.

India represents the largest education system in the world where there is the existence of more than 1 million schools and 18,000 higher education institutions. Each year it is estimated that in excess of 17 million students prepare for competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, GMAT, GRE, BITSAT, Banking, etc.

Keeping these numbers in mind one can determine how these tech companies are able to capture a big market by providing a preparation platform to these students.

Ed-tech companies work by generating a unique program to crack the specific exam a student is trying to crack. They provide students with top-tier, personalized test prep. Their proprietary technology collects a wealth of insights, measuring a student’s individual performance on standardized test questions against the performance of thousands of other kids.

These companies are looking hyper-specific variables such as time per question, question type, accuracy, and grit scores — Test Innovators can identify the exact learning profile of a student. Utilizing the company’s AI-generated learning programs, students are scoring a staggering 70% above average.

Let us now see how these Ed-tech startups have made it easier for students to prepare for civil exams:

1. Mobile Apps:

These Ed-tech companies are taking great advantage of technology and has been reaching each student who possesses smartphones. They can simply download apps that allow students to get answers to specific questions (like GK, Current Affairs etc.) they have. This provides personalized learning to each student in the comfort of their own space.

2. Data Quotient:

Ed-tech companies collect data in relation to exam preparations and thus are showing constant improvement in content they are providing to students for exam preparation. They have also developed portals where students can connect to tutors online through chat, or video interaction.

3. Recognise Pattern:

The apps provided by these Ed-tech companies analyze patterns and determines what a student should focus on and what a student is already good at. For example, few Ed-tech companies build the profile for students based on the questions these students have posted. Based on that pattern they determine that may bathe student is good in ratio, but should focus more on fractions and proportions.

4. Feedback:

These Ed-tech companies prepare the student feedbacks analyzed from 200 million questions that are attempted every month. This feedback is very valuable and if a student follows it carefully it will definitely help them in future.

5. Accessibility:

Ed-tech companies have provided students with a very accessible platform. Unlike tuitions and coaching classes that are restricted to timings, these Ed-tech platforms can help students round the clock. Students can study in their own time and do not have to wait for a next day if they find a doubt or blockage while studying. These Ed-tech companies have created a very easy and reachable platform for students to prepare for their civil exams.

6. Cost Effective:

As we already know how expensive it can be for students trying to prepare for civil exams to afford these expensive tuitions and coaching. These are also a need to buy research and learning material which can be never-ending. These Ed-tech companies on the contrary, give their well-researched curriculum which will help them in preparing for these exams. These are available just with one click. This kind of material can either be available for the very little price or is mostly accessible free of cost. This is both good and cost-effective which is a boon for the student who is looking for preparation for exams.

Therefore, it can be said that Ed-tech companies have revolutionized the way students prepare and study for exams and have been beating the traditional methods.

Bhola Meena photo This guest post is authored by Bhola Meena, Founder, and CEO of OnlineTyari, India’s largest online test preparation platform. Shedding a little light on his professional profile, he has successfully built three big internet companies from scratch GetMeCab, HinKhoj, and OnlineTyari. OnlineTyari has over 1 million monthly active students and over 5 Lakh students take assessment tests each month. Recently they’ve opened experience centers in Jaipur and Patna.

Bhola Meena is a graduate in computer science from IIT Kanpur. Prior to stepping into the world of start-ups, he worked for 7 years as a Tech Lead at Microsoft.

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