How To Choose Hard Drive Recovery Software

Sometimes we lose the data from hard disks or flash drives just due to pressing the Delete button, a bug or even a virus attack. And in this case, you can use hard disk recovery tools to turn the clock back and get all your important information back to your HDD.

It’s hard to believe that even if the data is lost or deleted, some part of it still exists on the hard disk drives or flash drives. This phenomenon is called the data remanence. And it’s data remanence that makes hard drive data recovery possible.

This remains true even if you deleted the files and emptied the recycle bin. The files aren’t removed at all. They stay hidden on your HDD until the operating system overwrites the space. And in case, there are enough of free memory on your hard drive, the files you’ve deleted can stay there for years. And with a data recovery tool, you can trace its footprints and restore it.

So Many HDD Recovery Software

There is a dime a dozen of free tools that can restore your hard drive. But when it comes to choosing best hard drive data recovery software, the things get complicated.

As a rule, hard drive recovery tools come loaded with different features and possibilities. Some are designed to retrieve data from hard drives, and others are an ideal solution for restoring files from flash drives. But they have the only thing in common – each vendor claims to be the Number One Recovery Software that can restore any sort of lost data.

But still, no one can guarantee 100% data recovery. Here’s the kicker, there are some files that cannot be recovered. If your hard drive has failed or the files are overwritten, there are low chances to get your data safe and sound. And some recovery software can even delete the files forever. Before running a recovery, it’s better to backup the existing files in order not to lose more.

What To Do If I lost My Data?

Discovering that your data has vanished into thin air is heart-stopping, and especially when you aren’t used to backuping files. It seems to be the end of the world, but wait, you can use particular programs to restore everything you’ve thought to lose. So don’t panic, keep calm and install some recovery software.

With Pandora Recovery Software, you can restore all your important data from any storage device. It works with Windows as well as Mac OS devices. The program can retrieve all major file systems including HFS, HFS+, FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and EXT3/ EXT4. Pandora supports 350+ types of files and can rebuild all them via their digital footprint.

Recover Deleted Files on Mac & Windows with Disk Drill — A Premier Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Recover Deleted Files on Mac & Windows with Disk Drill (former Pandora Recovery) — A Premier Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

The program could not only restore the files, but also protect and undelete, backup and save your important information. More on hard drive recovery by Pandora, you can find here

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