Top 5 Innovations By Google in 2018

Google was founded in 1998, and two decades later of its operation, it still amazes us with enthralling innovation in regular intervals to keep up with the flow of technology in today’s world.

There are hundreds of new things that Google implements every year, and we will list out 5 of the best things launched by them in 2018.

In this article, we will be learning about 5 of the greatest innovations by Google.

1) Google Assistant –

This can be said as the trendsetter for Google as it allows a user to automate everything on their phone right from calls to placing an order online. The application is said to be in about to half a billion phones and is also said that every Android phone manufactured in 2018 will have the Google Assistant feature.

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2) Google Pixel 2 XL –

The second innovation on our list is the newly launched smartphone by Google that has already launched in the majority of the market across the globe. The features such as a fast-touch sensor and much more on the Google Pixel 2 XL are said to be unbeatable and it has the fastest processor when compared to any other phone in the market.

3) Smart Compose –

Third on the list is the most recent innovation by Google which is Smart Compose in Gmail, which can auto-complete an email as per your preference without you writing/typing a single word. The autocomplete feature is only available for updated Gmail apps on Smartphone and is automatically updated in the browser. The update was rolled about ten days back by Google.

4) Android P –

The fourth one in the list is the most massive thing made by Google in the whole year, and it’s the updated rollout of new Android version called Android P. The update was rolled out in concern to Digital Wellbeing. The update includes a guide on how to use your phone, features available on the phone, multi-screen tasks, and so much more. To know more about the Android updates, you can visit here.

5) Google Subscription –

Fifth and final one in the list is that if you are subscribed to multiple publications from across to globe, you can pin at one place and get subscribed to Google. You would need to choose your preferences and Google will get the best news and reports customizing to your reference. This will help you in saving time by not opening every publication on the web and will be more comfortable for you to read the news accordingly.

Final Words –

That’s it from us on the topic of top 5 innovations by Google in 2018 with a brief introduction; the article was created after looking into the opinions of experts and publications around the globe both online and offline respectively.

Thank you for reading the article, and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite points or if your favorite point is already mentioned above.

The post is in no way sponsored by Google and its development team respectively.

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