10 Best Essential Tips for Extending the Battery Life of PC

One of the main problems posed by computer laptop is the duration of your battery. Not all have a long life and, even if it is, it ends up diminishing with the use and the passage of time.

The batteries do not last forever. Before you can imagine it, you will notice that the battery of your laptop does not last as long as when you had just bought them. To maximize the life of your laptop battery (which sometimes can not be easily removed), and get a greater daily autonomy, follow these 10 tips. 10 Best essential tips for extending the battery life of PC

#10. Use the maintenance tools for your manufacturer’s battery

Manufacturers such as Lenovo and Sony often offer their own tools for battery maintenance of the device that automatically prevent it from charging to the maximum, which can cause the battery to deteriorate faster. Find a tool or utility of this type on your laptop and check the benefits it can give you. Also, and very importantly, if your laptop is connected to the outlet for long periods of time and you can work without needing the battery, remove it.

#9. Keep refrigerated

Few things can deteriorate both the battery and high temperatures. Do not leave a laptop, a mobile or any other electronic device inside a car, make sure your laptop is not reaching very high temperatures (using a tool like HWMonitor), and make sure your mobile is not reaching high temperatures without reason keeping it in a cool place, deactivating the applications that consume more battery and from time to time removing it from its case. Making your devices have a longer life is a good excuse to turn on the air conditioner.

#8. Reduce the brightness of the screen

Having the brightness of the screen to the maximum or a medium level make a difference in the duration of your battery. It is not a matter of having the brightness to the minimum and not seeing anything, but neither is it about maintaining the brightness at its highest level. Focusing on a computer screen with excessive brightness and contrast settings for long periods of time will also lead to eye strain.

If you do not want to control it manually, you can go to the Windows power saving options. The system will automatically regulate the brightness. You will find this option in Control Panel> Power Options and marking the Balanced energy plan. From Change plan settings you can customize it.

Another detail associated with brightness is the backlit keyboard. Not all laptops have it, but if it is the case, you should deactivate it or put it to a minimum if it is daytime. At night it is very practical, but when there is sunlight it ceases to be and continues to consume energy.

#7. Use applications that improve battery consumption

When your phone is running out of battery, using an app that helps you prolong it can be very helpful. In Android, Greenify will suspend the applications that are consuming most of your battery when it has little charge. On iOS, you can use Normal to find the apps that are draining your battery. On the other hand, Carat gives you the detailed information of what your battery consumes in both Android and iOS.

#6. Suspend your laptop instead of turning it off if you will use it soon

When you suspend your laptop it still consumes a little energy, which surely makes you believe that the best option is to turn it off. However, the process of turning your computer off and on again may actually consume much more energy than suspending and restarting it. Hibernating, on the other hand, saves much more energy than stopping the PC, but it takes much longer to get out of that state and be ready to work again.

#5. Calibrate your device’s battery

Both your mobile and your laptop can sometimes lie to you about how much autonomy you have left. Calibrating the battery every so often will allow you to obtain detailed information. The process is quite simple on a laptop (it has to do with spending it completely and then, off, charging it until it is full, deactivating the battery saving options that you have activated). Unfortunately, if this does not improve the autonomy of your battery, it may be time to replace it.

#4. Do not allow all the time that the battery of your laptop runs out completely

Laptop Battery runs out completely The most modern batteries do not need to be completely discharged frequently to improve their life. On the other hand, charging it more often instead of letting it run out completely can prolong the life of your battery.

#3. Do not leave your mobile connected to the outlet when it is already charged

In fact it is not necessary to recharge the battery of your phone to 100%, it is preferable that you keep it to a maximum of 80%. However, if you prefer to charge it to the maximum, the best thing you can do once you reach that level is to disconnect the phone from the socket. And in case you did not know, you also need to unplug your laptop from the socket every so often.

#2. Monitor the battery status of your laptop

If you realize that the autonomy of your battery is not as durable as before, there are some tools to monitor and analyze the status of your battery, such as BatteryBar (in Windows), or access “About this Mac” in OS X.

#1. Apply some basic tricks to maintain the good condition of your battery

Extending the battery life of PC And finally, if you want the autonomy of your device gives you all day (or most of it), you can follow some basic and simple steps like disabling services and functions that you do not need at the moment (Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi), uninstall applications that you are no longer using or do not need, and even pay for the best applications instead of using the free ones that are based on a model of advertisements, which consume a generous amount of battery as that you use the app, or even in the background.


If you get used to applying these usage tips, you will do it almost without realizing it and without effort, and you will be able to optimize your laptop’s battery by extending the duration in your day-to-day life and also stretching its total useful life.

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