Enjoy Spotify in a new way!

Spotify’s graphics level has changed and this change allows you to get more than before. This is a limitless leap and a personalization that clearly adjusts to your taste. For many people this indirectly makes Spotify Premium seem less useful. But you can’t draw good conclusions before you can compare them.

Enjoy Spotify on your mobile.

Enjoy Spotify in a new way! Please note, no less than 15 private playlists are provided by Spotify for each user without them having to pay. This is a sector where changes occur quite large. These 15 free playlists will reduce the limitations on cellphones and you can play every available song in no particular order. These songs can be played in unlimited numbers.

Randomized playlist.

The playlist that you create can be shuffled on mobile devices. You can choose each song you want but not for the sequence. Playlists are marked with a blue icon. If you enter shuffle mode you will find a song that is never included in the play sequence (by you).

Don’t forget the ads that cut your pleasure every few songs. If you switch to Spotify premium mode you will not meet them. Ads can be very annoying but if you can tolerate this then premium is not necessary. But if you want full comfort, premium mode gives you unlimited music sensations. Of course you need to pay to get maximum comfort.

But there are other ways without paying for Spotify premium.

You still have other options to be able to enjoy various music choices on Spotify without having to pay for premium. You can download whatever music you like and then listen to it on your device. Of course you need to use special software for that and don’t worry since there is a lot of software available for you to make it easier for you to download various music on Spotify and then play it back on your gadget.

You can’t depend on any software.

You can’t depend on any software because not all of them are able to offer the quality you want. Choosing which is truly relevant to your needs is highly recommended. Asking for opinions from others can be very helpful and based on our experience, we can recommend AudFree. This special software can download all DRM-protected music from Spotify and then play them in MP3 format offline. It’s compatible with any unauthorized devices but if your device is Mac, then you need AudFree and Spotify Music Converter for Mac.

Using a “difficult device” like a Mac does not mean you have to deal with various limitations. With the right software you can get rid of all restrictions. AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Mac is a smart Spotify tool to help you easily download any Spotify track, album and playlist as MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. for offline listening on any device and player even if you are using a free Spotify account.

Broadly speaking, AudFree is:

  • 🔵 Spotify Music Converter: Converts DRM-ed Spotify Ogg Vorbis to formats like WAV, MP3 and other DRM-free formats.
  • 🔵 DRM Audio Converter: Converts Apple Music DRM-ed to various formats as above.
  • 🔵 A service that provides a full warranty within the first 60 days if a fatal technical problem occurs.
  • 🔵 A full-encrypted service.
  • 🔵 It has service capacity of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Spotify provides a new way for us to listen to music but making it more perfect can improve our experience.

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