Battery vs. Gas Lawn Mower: Which is the Best?

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Choosing a lawn mower can be a daunting task especially since there is a whirlwind of choice in the market. Having these many choices can also be a good thing as not all lawn mowers are created equal. In this article, we will compare two of the biggest contenders namely the battery-operated lawn mower or the gas operated one. Here, we outline the good and the bad, if any, and the things to consider before purchasing either one.

Things to Consider

First and foremost, as with the mower itself, no lawn is created equal. You will need to consider the type of grass you have, and the size of your lawn. Both the battery and gas mowers are good for any size lawns up to those as big as 15,000 square feet.

What Sets Battery and Gas Lawn Mowers Apart?

A gas lawn mower requires a pull start action to start it up, has spark plugs (just like the engine of a car), require oil changes and fuel top-ups to work. It also requires consistent maintenance by a skilled professional. Battery lawn mowers have a push button action to start – much easier than its gas comparator. They also only require a charged battery to work.

Pros of Battery Lawn Mower

Battery lawn mowers are sometimes referred to as cordless mowers. The main benefits of a battery-operated lawn mower are:

  • Battery lawn mowers do not have gas emissions meaning less pollution which is better for the environment.
  • Most tend to have a one-button feature to start the mower – making it easy for the mower virgin as well.
  • You don’t need to worry about concentrations of oils and whether you got the formula right. Since it uses a battery, you simply must make sure that it is fully charged before using.
  • Most battery-operated mowers produce less noise compared to the gas mower. They also offer less vibration which makes it easier to move and mow your lawn.
  • Some battery-operated lawn mowers come with two batteries so if one runs out, you have another one to allow you to finish the job. It can become monotonous having to stop in the middle of a mowing job to wait for the battery to re-charge.

 Cons of Battery Lawn Mower

  • The batteries usually have short battery life – most last for approximately an hour. If you don’t have two batteries, and your lawn is big, you run the risk of running out of juice mid-mowing of your lawn. Forcing you to suspend the job while the battery recharges.
  • Not optimal for long thick grass as they tend to not be as powerful as its gas counterpart.

Pros of Gas Lawn Mower

Gas lawn mowers are famous for their performance. They are used best for large lawns and can cut through tall, thick grass with ease. The main benefits of the gas lawn mower include:

  • Gas lawn mowers are more popular and therefore tend to have more of a following.
  • They are also much cheaper to purchase than their battery-operated counterparts.
  • Because of their accessibility, spare parts and skilled labor for maintenance are widely available.
  • The more recent models of gas lawn mowers are designed to cause less pollution.
  • Recent gas lawn mower models are also designed to be quieter than the older more generic versions.

Cons of Gas Lawn Mower

  • Gas lawn mowers are cheaper to purchase than battery mowers. However, the money may add up over the years in terms of maintenance and fluctuation of fuel costs.
  • The biggest con relating to gas lawn mowers would be the noise. They can be extremely loud. However, as mentioned above, there is new technology that offers a less loud experience.
  • The gas (carbon monoxide) emitted from gas lawn mowers is not great for the environment but again, recent technology tries to reduce the pollution but, in the end, little pollution is still pollution!
  • Gas lawn mowers can be difficult to start as they have a pull-start cord rather than a simple push of a button to start.

Which is the Best? Battery Lawn Mower vs. Gas Lawn Mower

Both battery and gas mowers have their pros and cons so the decision of which to use depends on you and your situation. They are both cordless which is a big pro in my book! Factors that would influence your decision include your budget, your grass type, and your lawn size. If you have a small yard and have a lower budget, a gas lawn mower would be for you. Battery lawn mowers tend to be much more expensive but are beneficial to the environment and are useful for medium to large lawn sizes. However, there are a plethora of options to choose from. To make your job easy, here are some of the best handpicked battery powered lawn mowers within every given budget and feature-set.


In the past, it would be an easy decision to simply stick with battery operated mowers. However, with technology constantly changing, gas mowers are now quiet and less pollutant. They are also now competitively priced to match their battery counterparts. In the end, if you are not deterred by having to maintain your mower, either mower would work for you.

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