Can You Juggle Between Shooting and Running in This Unique Runner Game?

Runner games are able to provide endless amounts of entertainment for just about any mobile gamer. This is part of reason why a lot of game developers rely on this proven blueprint to attract gamers. Nonetheless, the genre’s popularity also means plenty of competition. In order to stand out among the many competing runner games out there and even attract gamers who only patronize popular runner games, developers would have to introduce compelling changes.

The developers of Agent War Origins chooses to go for an innovative approach that combines the standard runner game experience with that of first-person shooters. It mixes two of the most popular genres in mobile gaming and the result is nothing short of exceptional.

Agent War Origins-Endless Runner and Shooter Game Screenshot. Shoot Enemies

You take control of an agent that has to help save the city from armies of nefarious robots intent on annihilating every organic being they encounter. Upon starting, you will already be taken through a brief tutorial of controls. The usual swiping movements involved in runner games are incorporated, and their main purposes are to overcome obstacles, collect items, and dodge the bullets of your enemies.

Agent War Origins Game Screenshot. Dodge Obstacles.

Failing to jump or slide through any hard object blocking your way would result in instant death. However, when you encounter enemies that you need to shoot, you enter a different mode, so to speak, that will display your character’s green health bar and a cross-hair that you need to tap in order to enter first-person mode.

The shooting aspect of the game is certainly half of what makes it very engaging. This is because you also get to buy weapons in the in-game store to increase your fire power and conquer your enemies faster.

Indeed, the key to surviving in the game doesn’t solely lie on your reflexes and quick thinking (aspects that most runner games test) for it will also challenge your shooting skills and how fast you defeat your enemies. Otherwise, you’ll be the one meeting your end in a hail of bullets. You shoot your enemies by tapping on them once you are in first-person mode. How often and quickly you need to tap is determined by the amount of the kind of gun you are currently using.

You also gain experience by defeating your enemies and fulfilling specific missions. This allows you to unlock other weapons and special abilities that you can purchase using the virtual currencies available. There are three agents in total as of this writing and the other two can be purchased using gems gained from crates and finishing missions.

Agent War Origins Game Screenshot. Choose An Agent With Unique Abilities.

Agent War Origins is easy to set apart from other runner games with its inclusion of a shooting mode. Other notable features that make it unique are its visuals and sounds, which are high-quality for a game that relies solely on ads to gain revenue. Overall, the game introduces a solid twist to the runner genre.

Agent War Origins-Endless Runner and Shooter Game

Agent War Origins – Game Trailer

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