Three Main Reasons for Playing Mobile Games [Infographic]

Many people don’t need a reason to play mobile games on their smartphone. Mobile games are the pretty big innovation in gaming, and for some players, the opportunity to play games from their mobile phone did not come soon enough. If you’re one of those players on the fence, however, here are some reasons for playing mobile games.

1. It Has Your Favorite Game

One might be reluctant to go through the effort of downloading a mobile game if you weren’t going to get to play the game of your choice. Fortunately, mobile games have just about as many options as your average online games, so whether your game is Asphalt, Temple Run, Grand Theft Auto or World of Warcraft Armory, there’s a mobile app that offers it. Check your mobile game app offerings online before downloading to make sure, but if you enjoy a popular mobile game, you won’t be left out in the cold.

2. It’s a Play in Your Pocket

After having your game of choice on your mobile phone, the best reason to play is that you can take it anywhere. It’s literally a play in your pocket. This means you don’t have to block out special time to play mobile games, you can play anytime. All you have to do is pull out your mobile device and you are in the game play. Once players experience the convenience of carrying their favorite games around with them, they may wonder why they ever bothered with any other type of playing games.

3. It’s Fun Playing Mobile Games

Another great reason for playing mobile games is that it’s a lot of fun. Those of you who have already downloaded game applications to your mobile device know what a great way mobile games can be to pass the time. When those mobile games are your favorite, the entertainment value rises exponentially. Points and high scores also feels great to share.

Here’s an infographic showing top reasons why people play games on mobile phones. This infographic is based on a survey called ‘Y U Play?’ conducted by popular mobile gaming network MocoSpace.

Top Reasons Why Americans Play Mobile Games

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