Top Tips in the Usage of Android Tablets

If we are using Android Tablet, it works in sleeping mode also. In these cases if Wifi is working, charging will be wasted. In such instances, go to
‘Wireless & Network ► Wireless Settings ► Wifi Sleep Policy’ and check the option ‘When the screen turn off’. Also if we take care of not having more colors in wallpaper images, we can save the charging.

While typing notes in Tablet, if we want capital letters double-click on uppercase letter and then the caps lock will be ON. If we want to activate ‘Auto Correction’ go to ‘Language and Input’ in settings. After completing a sentence to put dot, we need not search for it just touching the spacebar two times (double tap) is enough for inputting a dot.

Are you viewing video in Tablet in the journey. Is its video orientation getting changed due to jerks & jolts? If so, lock ‘Rotation’. For that go to ‘Notification Shade’.

If we possess smart Tablet in hand, we use apps which are necessary. The notification bar will fill those relating updates and change clumsily. In such circumstances to block those apps notifications, go to App Info and uncheck the option ‘Show Notifications’.

As if Windows explorer in the system, to browse the files and folders in Tablet also very easily, the ‘File Manager HD’ is suitable. Android users can download freely from Google Play. There is a possibility to view the photos preview in thumbnail box. To explore files, folders suitable sidebar is available. Files can be viewed in sorting order. For download and other details go to CM FILE MANAGER HD on Google Play.

To provide security to Tablet with Antivirus which is being provided freely by AVG, install ‘FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security’. It identifies dangerous malware including viruses & worms and removes them. We can lock the Tablet in case it goes to others hands. We can also check the usage of battery.
Read More and Install Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 from Google Play.

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