Advanced Product Photography Tips for Small Businesses

Ever been on a ‘dope’ site on the internet before? More likely than not, what caught your eye was the exceptionality of the photography.

As a small business owner, you might hyperventilate when you think of how beautiful other sites look on the web, and re-creating these awesome pictures with your products might be overwhelming.

Here, let’s help you out with these advanced product photography tips:

Product Photography
Product Photography | Photo Credit: Peter McKinnon

1. It’s All About the Lighting

We’d let you in on a secret: without proper lighting, your photos would always come out a drab, but even the simplest of images can be hyped by light. Your natural lighting is enhanced by the right positioning of products and the highlighting of certain colors. A softbox lighting certainly helps to project the right feel for your products, to prospective clients. You should look for a visual platform which specializes in giving your products that surreal feel, equivalent to studio photography.

2. The Devil is in the Details: Your Background Matters

What separates killer images from average ones, are important details such as a complementary photography background. Your background shouldn’t be one that takes the focus off your pictures because of how bright and shiny it is. Often, backgrounds that are better appreciated are plain, and without a lot of drama going on. Remember: you want your product- not it’s background- to grab the attention of your target audience.

However, if yours is a single color product, you might need to spice up its look with a dazzling background, while finding some sort of balance. Some best 3D visualization platforms like the Threekit can help you in providing this balance between your product and the background, it can make your product images in interactive 3D to provide a realistic experience of the products to the buyers. Whatever the case, don’t put too much focus on the background so much that it takes all the attention.

3. Are You Familiar with Your Angles?

A picture might look simple, yet stunning. One trick to achieve this degree of stunning simplicity is to understand the proper angles that make images pop.

Each angle depends on what is being photographed and how you want the image to appear, and can be:

  • 90-degree angle (bird’s-eye) – This angle is perfect when photographing objects from above, and for objects that lie flat i.e. do not stand up. Examples of such objects include clothes, kitchen implements, and boxes.
  • 45-degree angle (standing eyesight) – This angle perfectly emphasizes dimension, and if you want to show the height/depth of an object through your image, this angle is just right. It can be used for almost all product types, inclusive of electronics, toys, books and so on.
  • 0-degree angle (table level) – For products that are displayed upright, this angle passes the message across with such clarity! Examples of objects that would benefit from being captured at this angle are jars, bottles, beauty product tubes and health products.

Knowing what angle would best capture your image might be a daunting task for you, but it helps to go rogue on the angles: take some pictures in one angle, some other pictures in another angle- mix and match! Also, Threekit specializes in the study of right angles and can help you sort out those troubles!

4. Keep Your Camera Steady

Blurred pictures aren’t all that sexy, but I’m sure you know that. If you’re having trouble keeping your camera steady while photographing your products, 3D visualization platform uses the right 3D and 2D props to give your image that excellent feel and look. Use motorized product turntable to capture the 360 degree view of the product.

5. Get Creative!

While taking those images, have fun! Pictures which are captured in an enjoyable manner, often create an exciting impression in the minds of viewers.

And this is how to make your small business irresistible with the right kind of images!

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