Choosing The Best Server For Your Business

In the life of a business, having a server is very important. Though you may not see the need for one at the beginning, later on, as the business expands, it becomes compulsory that you get a server from trusted companies like:


Types of Servers: Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Server, Hybrid Server.

Servers are where data belonging to the company is stored. All data which is integral to the business is stored on a server. All information sent within the company, and those coming from outside, are stored on the server. Think of it as a hub. Which is why a company needs to get one. You do not have to wait till your business has reached a certain number of employees before you contemplate getting one. You can do so as you set up the business, increasing its capacity as the business grows. Without a server, your business could be at the mercy of other online options. Most times free options can leave your data vulnerable since you have no control over it, which is the last thing you would want.

Most people do not understand the importance of a server at first, and only do so when it is already too late, possibly after losing their data with no sure way of recovering it.

There are certain things to consider when making a server selection, some of which include:

  • Size of your business

This is something that greatly determines the sort of server you would ultimately get, as various servers are designed to suit the operations of different businesses.

  • Cost

Can you afford the server you are about to get? Is it too pricey? Here you have to be careful. Expensive does not always mean efficient, so do not be swayed by the price that you purchase something that does not work the way you would expect it to.

  • Maintenance

Will you be able to maintain the server you are about to go for? Do you even have the tools or the know-how to see to its maintenance?

  • Support

Does the server receive support from its company? This would be very important, especially in the case where it starts acting up unnecessarily or develops problems beyond your control.

Those are just some very important things to take into view when planning to get a server.

The next big thing to decide on is the type of server you would want.

Types of Servers

There are three main types of servers you would have to choose from when getting one.

1. Dedicated Servers

This is a kind of server that is installed in your place of business. Popularly referred to as a Physical Server, its presence can be seen and felt, compared to other types. They get their name from the fact that they are dedicated to one organization alone, and not shared with any other. These servers usually come with high capacity of storage and RAM and have enough space to store lots of information. The key advantage of this kind of server is that you have total control over it since it is there with you. So you can quickly get to fixing or troubleshooting in case of any problem. Although, they are likely to be operated by the provider, who assists and provides support whenever there is an issue.

Then again, these servers can be quite large and would require space to be kept, normally, in a dedicated room. Also, strict security has to be placed on it to avoid the theft of vital parts. Since they come in various capacities and can be quite inexpensive, they are popular among small businesses. Dedicated Servers are the perfect choice for the small business looking for the most server resources for their applications.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This type of server gives you the freedom you enjoy in a Dedicated Server, except that everything is stored on the web. A better way of understanding this is that the VPS is hosted on another server, but you get your private server, where you do not have to share things with any other server. In other words, you have space within a bigger space, but that space is for you, and you alone.

One key feature about this is that if something happens to another server, it does not in any way affect you. It’s a very flexible option, and rather cost-effective.

3. Hybrid Server

As the name rightly states, it’s a blend of the Dedicated Server and VPS, as it combines features from both to form its unique system. Using this server, you get to use hardware while also making use of virtualization technology, the very thing that makes up VPS. A hybrid server grants you the sort of freedom as you would enjoy on a dedicated server, but now, you get to use that with almost like a VPS. It is best for sites that receive huge traffic, and are also into things like e-commerce, and mobile game development.

At the end of the day, you have to make the ultimate choice of the kind of server you would use. Our team of experts at ServerMania can help decide for you, picking just the one you need, and also helping you install. So you can leave everything to us while you continue going about business as usual.

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