How TOR Makes It Easier to Access Deep Web

Being an internet enthusiast, you must know that what you access over the internet is merely 5% of what is out there. There are lots of anonymous hidden websites on the internet that can’t be accessed through normal search engines such as Google or Bing. In order to access the hidden websites, you need to install specific software that will provide you complete anonymity and TOR is the most popular software. We may have talked about it over the years because it provides easiest ways to browse the web anonymously, but it is still not clear why that matters and why you need to use it.

The TOR Project

The idea is that this project was initially developed by US navy and it was funded jointly by Department of US Defense. It was a collaborative effort by MIT students who worked tirelessly towards providing anonymity while surfing internet. TOR project was launched in 2002 and aimed at protecting internet user privacy from the corporations. Eventually it became an open source platform which is used commonly for surfing deep web.

How to Access Deep Web Using TOR?

Exploring The Hidden Internet. Surface Web vs Deep Web vs Dark Web. Tor (Anonymity Network)
Surface Web vs Deep Web vs Dark Web

Deep web is part of the internet which is hidden from everyone and not many websites can be accessed through it. You need to have specialized software to access the deep web. It is not similar to that of the normal internet. You need to have software installed that gives you the liberty to access public domain easily and securely. One of the most popular software used to access Deep Web is using TOR. The Onion Router (TOR) browser app provides you a complete privacy and anonymity to access deep web but you need to take certain precautions while accessing deep web because you may end up landing on a dark website.

How TOR Operates?

TOR offers a technology that bounces the websites through different relay nodes and makes it hard for anyone to identify the source. TOR is a software package bundle that can be used to take advantage of the open source technology and can be downloaded easily for Android and smartphone device. However, one of the major cons of the TOR technology is that it is slow compared to the other technologies due to the relays in sending packet over the internet. If you are trying to use TOR for deep web or dark web then you need to use a high-speed internet connection.

TOR Provides Easier Anonymity

TOR grants anonymity to any user over the internet. Nowadays, TOR has been used by millions of users these days for various purposes. The TOR project has been fixed and used to provide cloak of anonymity while accessing deep web without requiring any much change in the configuration. TOR helps you stay anonymous and it provides you easiest configuration and setup to anonymize traffic over the internet so that even your Internet Service Provider is not aware about the source information. TOR is useful for anyone who wants to keep internet activity hidden and their IP addresses are not traceable. TOR technology is not just about providing anonymous connection but it can also be used to host websites through the hidden services and makes it easier for you to access these hidden service sites.

TOR Works Beyond Anonymity

TOR network provides more than just anonymity, it is secure system used for messaging and privacy. Most of the deep web sites are not a secret and have been existing since long time. It is widely accessed with so many social media and potential visitors. Any whistleblowers can upload anything of their choice and there are thousands of drug traffickers in deep web which are using TOR network and dealers of the notorious dark web market. All sorts of illegal stuff are sold on deep web and most of users access it using TOR. However, the good side of TOR is that it can be used as a platform to voice your opinion by providing access to the outside internet world from banned countries. It has been under use by journalists living in difficult country situations and able to access the internet and use it voicing their opinion.

Over to You

Since the inception of TOR, it has been a marketplace for different activities by notorious users who intend to carry out different sorts of crimes. It is becoming a home of different sort of bad activities carried out with wrong intention. TOR hides the identity of the user and it is a complex network whose source and destination are non-traceable and it becomes lot difficult to track the TOR network. But it is also becoming a target by different law enforcement agencies as well. In spite of all this, TOR remains as one of the easiest ways to access deep web.

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Disclaimer: This article on “How to Access the Deep Web” doesn’t in any way encourage you to visit the Deep Web and do anything illegal there (or anywhere as a matter of fact). Any activity you do apart from “reading this article” is your responsibility.

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