5 Games That Don’t Need Adult Supervision to Play

Kids playing video games.

In these unprecedented times when kids have easy access to all types of content, it has become quite difficult to keep an eye on them. It is really a tough choice because neither can you take away all their devices and force them into digital blackout, nor can you just give them a free hand and let them do anything they want.

Kids of this generation have been born with devices all around them; they are so used to smartphones, tablets, and consoles that depriving them completely doesn’t make sense. Hence, the best thing that you can do is be smart and tactful; you need to update yourself about modern-day dangers lurking the internet.

You may think that internet dangers are only limited to your kids talking to strangers online or consuming inappropriate content, but the world wide web is more complex than that; even a simple game can be a source of trouble for your kids.

So, if you are thinking that your kid is just playing a video game locked up in their room, think again because gaming can lead to cyberbullying. According to BBC news, a report conducted by anti-bullying charity found out that 57% of young people have experienced cyberbullying while playing games. 47% of the people surveyed said that they have been threatened while playing games online.

Other than that, the market is full of inappropriate games that are rated R. We don’t want you to be worried sick, rather we just want you to take a proactive approach and equip yourself with the right knowledge.

To help you out, we have made a list of games that are safe for your children to play:

1. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 Gameplay
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Mobile gaming is on the rise, and hence most kids play games on mobile. However, if your kid is interested in console gaming, then you can always suggest them Mario Kart 8. Published by Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 is a kart racing game that is not only safe for kids to play but also super fun.

The game features vibrant colors, 42 characters, and up to 48 race tracks, so your kids are never bored with this game. In this game, 12 players can play at one time, so your kids can easily have a game night with their friends. The game is available in tablet, TV as well as phone mode.

2. Everything

Everything - Simulation Game.
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If your kid is really into science and into video games as well, then this game is perfect for them. In Everything, a player can become anything within the game and can control it; it allows players to control the entire world, including trees, and animals to every miniscule level.

Even if your kid is not interested in science, you can suggest them this game and help them learn about the subject in a fun and interesting way. After all, games can improve learning outcomes by 23% as compared to traditional learning.

3. Rocket League

Rocket League car soccer video game.
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Two words can perfectly describe this game: soccer and racing car games. Rocket League is about cars playing soccer and trying to goal. Seems interesting, doesn’t it? The best part about this game is that it is not only meant for kids, so in case you sit down with your kids to play, rest assured that you will have some great fun.

The game is super fun for your kids, and there is no risk that your kids would be exposed to some graphic content or run into the danger of cyberbullying.

4. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game.
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Super Mario Odyssey is the perfect game for young players who really want to explore the world of gaming. The best part about this game is the Assist Mode, which makes it easier for the kids to play. In the Assist Mode, there is no instant death, there is always a guide, and Mario’s health doubles.

With this game, you can have an amazing time with your kids because you can take control of Mario and let your kid control Cappy. Once your kid learns the ins and outs of this game, you can let them play on their own without any supervision.

5. Star Battles

Star Battles arcade game.
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Star Battles by Unlimited Gamez Mo is a pretty easy and exciting game that you can suggest to your kids. All your kid has to do is complete the mission in space by flying in circles and avoiding the enemy ships. If they manage to complete the missions without crashing, then they can unlock all the spaceships available.

This Arcade game is super safe and doesn’t need you to be around at all. Your kids can play it either on their tablets or phone.

Don’t Fret, Act Smart

Parenting is all about acting smart and not panicking. You need to let your kids have the fun, but you have to be careful as well. Games today come with a lot of chat options that lead to cyberbullying.

While you cannot stop your kids from playing those games, you need to keep a close tab on their behavior. If you see any unusual changes, don’t ignore them and immediately take notice.

5 Games That Don’t Need Adult Supervision to Play 1

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