Top 6 Best Cloud Gaming Platforms

Gaming is one of the most inseparable parts of our lives, and we can’t live without some entertainment in life. Games can be accessed over PlayStation, Xbox, laptops, mobiles, and lastly- the cloud. Cloud services have been providing gaming-as-a-service, and this field has grown tremendously over time. All you need is a good internet connection, low latency servers, and a supporting device environment. The gaming market shall grow to $4 billion by the year 2023, and this is strong evidence of a large consumer base of cloud gaming. This article provides a brief about the best top 6 cloud gaming platforms of 2021. Read on to know more.

What should a good cloud gaming platform provide?

There are various features a good cloud gaming platform should provide. We have sorted the best list here that can give you an idea to understand what you will need.

  • Low latency: The lesser the latency, the fewer lags or buffering while loading your game.
  • Cloud servers: A cloud gaming service needs to have servers not to hold you long to connect with your favorite game and play.
  • Compatibility: Games should be accessible from anywhere and anywhere without much restriction. The cloud platform should provide access to games from all the devices.
  • Affordability: Considering all the features and premium games, renting cloud gaming should be as low as possible to benefit the users’ affordability.
  • Accessories: The cloud platforms should seamlessly integrate most of the necessary accessories to enrich the user interactions.

Best Top 6 Cloud Gaming Platforms of 2021

6 Best Cloud Gaming Platforms in 2021

1. Google Stadia

Google Stadia cloud gaming service

Google Stadia has an endless list of games being poured in and updated every month. The user can access the best games trending of the year at the minimal subscription cost of Stadia. Moreover, there shall not be any hassle to update or download the application again and again. Stadia also supports a lot of devices and browsers. With the pro-version subscriptions, you can make an extensive gaming library with no additional extra cost.
Subscription cost: As low as US $10/month.

2. Amazon Luna

Introducing Luna, Amazon's cloud gaming service where it's easy to play great games on devices you already own. No waiting for lengthy downloads or updates — just play.

Amazon Luna, being integrated with Ubisoft plus, gives you a massive collection of games accessible from any time and anywhere. Currently, present only in the US and neighboring countries, Luna might expand itself in no time since it is yet to be launched. With an internet connection of anywhere from 10-35 Mbps, one can experience gaming with nearly no latency. Packed along with the Luna controller for efficient grip, you can enjoy the royal cloud gaming experience.
Subscription cost: As low as US $6/month for regular users and the premium version is for US $15/month that integrates Ubisoft.


Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service

NVIDIA gaming platforms don’t need an official introduction since they’ve been pioneers in gaming and graphics. Moreover, the new GeForce is now back and with the best version of the cloud gaming experience. GeForce integrates seamlessly with the latest gaming controllers and provides game updates and launches on a weekly basis.
Subscription cost: Besides the free membership, you can get the Founder’s membership only for US $5/month.

4. Vortex Cloud Gaming

Vortex Cloud Gaming

Vortex has to be on the recommendations list since it is one of the most affordable cloud gaming platforms. It also offers licenses to most of the games already included in the plan. However, one of the downsides in Vortex is the limited playing time per month. Since others will like Vortex for the gaming encounters, little playtime isn’t appreciable. You can check your internet speed instantly on the Vortex and get ahead with gaming in no time.
Subscription cost: Comes in 3 packages- Basic, Pro, and Ultra, costing nearly 800, 1500, and 2200 INR every month.

5. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now Cloud Gaming Service: Hundreds of PS4, PS3 and PS2 games, ready to play on demand.

PlayStation is one of the most recommended gaming consoles all over the globe. However, PlayStation Now provides unlimited gaming and includes nearly all the features a gamer can ask for. Few of them include multiplayer mode, streaming and downloading, and free seven days trial. PlayStation Now is all-inclusive of gaming challenges, recommendations, rankings, and chatting feature enabled.
Subscription cost: Costs as low as 9 euros/month.

6. Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming

Xbox cloud gaming provides you a game pass that can help you access premium games of the latest version. It provides an unmatched experience for the gamers if integrated with the Xbox wireless controller or MOGA XP5-X controller. All of your activity remains stored on your cloud account. Lastly, a wide range of gaming accessories supported by Xbox makes it one of the most appreciated and best-performing cloud gaming platforms of 2021.
Subscription cost: The Xbox costs US $10/month for the PC, and Console packages. The Ultimate package comes for US $15/month with added features.

To stream your games live to the crowd so that they can watch you play, some of the platforms do provide live streaming integration. But apart from that, one can stream live gaming through the following most commonly used platforms:


Moving towards the conclusion, we have seen the best top 6 cloud gaming platforms of 2021. Amongst them all, we already know the best ranking ones over the years, such as Xbox, PlayStation Now, and Amazon Luna. These cloud gaming platforms will grow more in the future due to the gaming market, consumer base, trending games, and features. Let us know which is your favorite one amongst all.

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