Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service: An Overview

What if you and your friend play a game without lags as if sitting right next to each other? Well, cloud technology will make it easier than ever for us now! The brand new Amazon powered Luna cloud gaming service comes with a controller alongside. With this, you can enjoy the trending games launched by renowned brands. Read on to know more about an overview of Amazon Luna cloud gaming service.

 Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service

How to get Amazon Luna gaming service?

You can avail the Amazon Luna gaming service only if you’re based in the US. To get the Luna gaming service, you need to request early access to amazon’s website. Soon after that, you can subscribe to their plans and enjoy unlimited hours of playing across two devices simultaneously.

The early access request and invitation process began in late October 2020, soon after its announcement in September 2020.

Amazon Luna cloud gaming service subscription plans

Currently, there is an early-access subscription plan provided by Amazon Luna that comes with the following features:

  1. Play unlimited and interrupted hours of gaming.
  2. Stream over a wide range of devices with compatibility across all platforms.
  3. Access all the games simultaneously across two devices or play together.
  4. Play all the games in the 1080p/60fps resolution. Also, the 4K resolution is yet to be released, but it is launching soon.

Along with this, you can also choose to subscribe either to Ubisoft+ channel only if you have the Luna early access confirmation. This enables you to stream on a single device along with the multiple premium features of Ubisoft+ channel.

Controllers by Luna gaming services

One of the best things about the controller provided by Amazon Luna is its easy integration with any device. This effectively benefits the gamer in the following ways:

  1. Reduces latency significantly up to 30 milliseconds.
  2. A wireless controller that connects automatically with the devices and does not implement Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Comfortably fits in hand with improved grip. It provides broad exposure for the buttons, and the texture reduces friction.
  4. Controller’s design is exclusively made for Amazon Luna cloud gaming services that connects seamlessly with Alexa.
  5. The reduced hassle of connecting and pairing with every device. Since the cloud gaming service connects to every device that contains Amazon services, the controller doesn’t need to be installed or integrated everywhere.
  6. Connects to the devices in offline mode as well via the USB port or Bluetooth.

You need to install the Luna controller application on your devices that are compatible with cloud access. Following that, set up the cloud access once the controller is on and running. The Luna controller runs on AA batteries and is replaceable.

Luna App for the controller

The Luna controller app helps you to connect with Cloud Direct and set up the account. The app can let you load and set up the devices compatible with Amazon Luna. You can also manage the gaming history on every device and start from where you left the game. The app also tells all the instructions to set up and integrate with Cloud Direct. The app also comes with frequent app updates.

Amazon Luna Controller App

Luna Controller app specifications for Android:

Size: 14 MB

Version: 1.0.392.0

Compatibility: Only for Android version 5.0 and up.

Luna Controller app specifications for iOS:

Size: 41.4 MB

Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or greater versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Pros and Cons of buying Amazon Luna cloud gaming service subscription


  1. Instant access to all the latest games without having to download them.
  2. All the games feature in 1080/60fps resolution without lag or latency while playing.
  3. Access is provided to two connections at the same time. It can be used simultaneously as well.
  4. Skip the need of buying expensive gaming consoles and other accessories as the game loads on any device compatible with Amazon.
  5. Other controllers of specific brands such as Xbox, PlayStation, keyboards, and mouse are compatible instead of the controller.
Amazon Luna -  Metro Exodus Game


  1. It consumes a lot of data while streaming. Minimum 10 Mbps speed is a must for HD resolution streaming. Apart from that, for 4K streaming, the cloud service will need over 35 Mbps.
  2. The subscription is relatively on the higher side of an individual user.
  3. The Luna controller is not licensed for other gaming consoles, making it solely useful for Amazon Luna cloud gaming services.
  4. One needs to have an uninterrupted connection to the internet up to 10 GB per hour to play the game. Else, latency or buffered streaming can be experienced.
  5. Currently, only the users based in the US can access it. It is going to take some time for widespread use of this cloud gaming service on a global level.

Final review for the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service

As we review all the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service facts, we’d surely recommend going for it and giving it a try. Owing to its enhanced gaming experience, it is sure to attract many eyes from professional gamers.

If we consider its subscription price and a one-time purchase of the controller, it is relatively cheaper and, thus, one of the gamers’ budget-friendly options.

Amazon Luna cloud gaming service can become a boon to all the gamers that are tired of searching for premium games in one place, downloading them for long hours, and installing updates every time. Why not merely access and enjoy it hassle-free? Switch to Luna right away!

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