Reasons to Use Bootstrap for Web Development

Reasons to Use Bootstrap for Web Development.

Are you new to CSS frameworks? Then you’re probably thinking about what the benefits are of using Bootstrap in your web development project. Bootstrap has become a widely used front-end development framework throughout the years.

These days, more web designers and developers stay to get on board. Obviously, there is a reason for that. Bootstrap framework is feature-rich and provides numerous advantages to people utilizing it for web development. Let’s take a closer look over those advantages today.

  • It has excellent support

Did you know that Bootstrap has a massive support community behind it? That means you can easily get the support you need whenever you run into problems. It’s worth mentioning as well that Bootstrap is constantly updated, and the developers have been great at putting out timely updates.

Currently, it is being hosted, developed, and sustained on GitHub with more than 9,000 commits and more than 500 contributors.

  • It’s highly customizable

Not all are aware of this, but Bootstrap could be tailor-made based on your project’s specifications. Web developers can choose and select the features required, and the rest could be thrown away. That’s easily done by using the Bootstrap customize page.

All you should do is tick off the features you do not want, and your modified version of Bootstrap will be promptly ready for download. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • It’s consistent

Did you know that Bootstrap was established on the principle of consistency? Some Twitter workers originally founded it as a framework to support consistency throughout internal tools. Later, co-founder Mark Otto realized it has potential above and beyond an internal toolkit. Hence, it was released as the first open-source version in 2011.

Moreover, Mark narrates how Bootstrap was designed using one core concept: pairing designers along with developers. Doing so is what made it a huge success on Twitter and why it remains to be successful on the web.

To make it short, Bootstrap guarantees consistency irrespective of who is working on the project. Moreover, outcomes are unvarying across platforms, and thus output remains the same no matter if you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

  • It’s very responsive

Year after year, mobile devices continue to increase in popularity. It was predicted that global mobile traffic would increase at least 11-fold between 2013 and 2018. That happened. These days, the need to have a responsive website is becoming more vital.

Developing mobile-friendly websites is relatively simple with Bootstrap, big thanks to the fluid grid layout, which dynamically changes to the right screen resolution. There’s nearly no job that needs to be done to accomplish the best responsiveness.

Using the ready-made classes from Bootstrap allows you to determine how many spots in the grid system you like every column to occupy. You can then stipulate that you like the columns to stack horizontally than vertically to show properly on mobile devices.

  • Giant companies in the world even use it

Imagine if the American multinational technology company, Apple that specializes in digital products’ marketing, makes web applications for the products it is using. You automatically realize they are opting to a robust, high-performing web technologies, right?

Apple utilized Bootstrap for its Apple Maps and Apple Music web apps.

Suppose Dropbox, another giant company offering import and transfer of files in the cloud, has Bootstrap’s library at the core of its platform. It is simple to learn that Bootstrap offers a huge number of benefits.

A lot of big companies have already used Bootstrap, including Coursera and Airbnb.

  • It needs less effort and saves a huge amount of time

Have you tried developing web applications from scratch? At the start, you make 1-page web apps and a maximum of four pages (home, about, service, and contact) if you want to make a multi-page web app.

You feel proud by that, as you did it on your own. However, that feeling of pride becomes frustration and worry after you have many projects for customers. That’s especially true when massive projects like an ecommerce website of over ten pages with lots of features.

In such scenarios, you may need the help of Bootstrap WYSIWYG editor. It’s the toolbox allowing developers to quicken the development stage of web apps. Bootstrap offers developers numerous UI components like navigation bars, popups, carousels, buttons, tables, and more that you can use to make web applications.

That’s very beneficial for developers, as it enables you to concentrate on the features to be implemented in their app. You also save a huge amount of effort and time in developing excellent applications, thanks to those important elements provided by Bootstrap.

To sum up, the reasons listed in this post are just a small part of the advantages Bootstrap provides. We hope you find this post engaging and informative. Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.

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