Are Unlimited Internet Plans Worth the Money?

Are Unlimited Internet Plans Worth the Money?

Unlimited internet plans have thronged the market, with every internet service provider offering it as one of the best internet plans and the most value for money purchase. However, it pays to ponder and think if the unlimited internet plan is a good option and worth your money.

What is an Unlimited Data Plan?

An unlimited internet plan lets you use the internet as much as you want without charging you for overuse. Thus you never have to worry about exceeding the data cap and having to shell extra on your internet usage. At first sight, this does seem valuable.

Whichever internet carrier you use today offers you the option to sign up for an unlimited internet plan. The plan is lucrative, but it comes at a cost. Companies charge you a monthly fee to use the unlimited plan.

However, before you get caught up in this scheme it is important to drill down the price and benefits. The contract is expensive, and before you lock yourself into it, ask these questions to decipher if the unlimited internet plan is meant for you.

How Much Data Do You Use?

Work out your monthly data usage. An average smartphone user needs somewhere between 2 and 3 gigabytes of data every month. This is used for email and web browsing, listening to music, and to watch videos. Data usage is usually overestimated, which lets the internet service providers take advantage of it. Your old internet bills can give you a fair idea of your monthly data usage.

If you are an average internet user, then the fixed internet plans will turn out to be cheaper than the unlimited plans, which can be a huge saving. Of course, if you use a lot of data and have a huge family sharing the same internet plan, then in such cases, an unlimited internet plan will be worthwhile.

Can Smartphone Data Be Exclusively Relied On?

You may be using your smartphone for business. You then have ways to cut cords and reduce your monthly internet expenses by cutting the household internet instead of switching to an unlimited data plan on your smartphone.

In truth, no company offers you an unlimited data plan. After about a 20-gigabyte usage in a month, you are bound to experience slowdowns in the service. And if you have several members at home using the same internet plan, you can expect to reach this cap faster.

Work On Your Data Usage

If you find that you continuously bust through the monthly data allotment, unlimited data plans may seem like just the thing for you. However, a smarter way would be to work on your data usage habits, see if you can stay within your data limits, and choose an affordable internet plan.

Downloading the playlist on the phone, lowering the streaming quality of your video, and downloading and updating apps only when in a Wi-Fi connectivity zone are simple changes that can let you stick with a lower internet plan.

To Sum It Up

Should you choose an unlimited internet plan? Well, the question is for you to answer. The best internet plans boil down to your individual and family data usage. It pays to do some calculations and understand your internet usage history to see if unlimited plans are worth your money.

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