6 New Instagram Reels Features You Should Know

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels is a short-form video format similar to TikTok. Reels allows users to upload videos for up to 60 seconds. Reels are the best place to convey a message to your audiences in a short time. Instagram reels videos are fun and engaging because most people love to watch short videos rather than longer ones. Simply creating videos and posting on reels has no use, but you need to use the reels features to reach wider audiences on Instagram. Reels can be shared with your stories and feeds to increase visibility. Here is the article on reels features to boost the visibility of your account on Instagram.

Collabs Feature

Instagram launched a new feature for reels which is known as Collabs. The new collabs feature allows you to collaborate with co-authors or brands that help to reach more audiences and grow your Instagram following. While using this feature the other user’s name or Instagram Id will appear below the screen and the post will remain on the other user’s profile grid. You can share the likes, views, and comments with the user you collaborated with. You’re allowed to add 20 users to an Instagram post to increase engagement. While you need to become famous on Instagram make use of this collabs feature to attract huge audiences.


Another feature that automatically reads out loud is the text added to your reels. Use the text tool given on Instagram reels to add text-to-speech to your video. Click the text button and add text until a secret menu pops up. Then, tap on the text-to-speech to add voiceover to your reels video. You can add voice for your text if you want or press none to disable the text-to-speech feature. When you use this feature on your reels you can resize or move it anywhere on the screen to showcase. This feature allows you to add text and later convert it to voice on your reels. Making use of this new feature will help to increase the visibility of your reel’s video.

Voice Effect

Instagram reels voice effects allow you to change the background voice like the sound of crowds, traffic and animal noise, monotone, computerized voice, and giant voices to add more fun to your content. Tap on the three-dot icon and there you can see camera audio, voice-over, and add music. Select the voice-over menu and add the effects that you want to your reels video. There are over five voice-over effects like helium, giant, robot, vocalist, and announcer and you can select the voice which can attract your audiences. You can adjust the volume of your original audio or the voice effect and then press done to add and appear on your reels video.

Auto Sync

This feature is similar to the TikTok auto-sync option which allows you to sync the downloaded reels videos to any audio track. Instagram named this feature “Dancify” to be easily understood by users. Auto sync feature matches the beats of the music which you want to sync on your content to make it engaging. When your reels video reaches more audiences, engagement will automatically increase. During unfavourable conditions like lesser engagement, you could think of ways to maximize views on Instagram reels and gain greater exposure. Most people who used the auto-sync feature got more organic reach on reels.

Reels Visual Replies

The reels visual replies feature will appear as a sticker in the reply section and allows you to post other reels’ videos to give replies. Only the users who upload reels can access the reels visual reply feature otherwise they can reply with normal text. There are two ways to post visual replies on reels. Once your original reels are posted you can reply by creating new reels or replying by selecting existing videos from your gallery. While you reply through reels the name of the commenter will appear on the screen with the comment. The reply videos will also appear on your reels tab as well as your feed page same as reels.


Instagram reels remix feature is the same as the TikTok duet option. When you remix any reels it appears next to the original reels in a single frame. This is basically known as recording and sharing videos that follow another user’s reels. When you post a remix video, the video will appear on the left side of your screen and the original will appear right of your screen. You can use this feature when the other user enables the remix feature and remember to enable remix when you post your reels video. Remix feature is good for posting challenge videos and creating videos accepting and doing the challenge. Using the reels remix feature helps to receive massive engagement for your profile.


Whether you’re a brand or normal Instagram user aiming to grow your account you must use Instagram reels. You should know what are the features of Instagram reels to create content smartly. Make use of these new reels features to attract more attention to your Instagram account.

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