Green Vehicle Innovations: A Top Trend This Year

Hyundai Kona Electric Car

With fuel prices being at an all-time high in 2022, car manufacturers are scrambling to make use of the latest innovations in automotive technology. These advancements and price increases directly affect the average car owner by influencing the current market, resulting in people wondering what they should consider when purchasing their next vehicle, and what new features they should look out for. The current trend toward more eco-friendly vehicles is on the rise, and manufacturers are fast adapting to the growing demand for greener, more cost-effective power solutions.

Cars and Climate Change

In 2020 it was reported that a whopping 29% of carbon emissions were from transportation alone, making it the largest contributor to greenhouse gasses. This knowledge is no secret to the public. It has been known for well over a decade that your carbon footprint can be immensely increased if you regularly use a motor vehicle for personal use, especially of a larger size and for long distances. For these reasons, many members of younger generations have chosen not to invest in their own vehicles and carpool, use public transport, walk, and cycle instead.

The Solution

An idea that might incentivize younger consumers to purchase their first car would be if a vehicle could promise low emissions, little to no fuel costs, and a reasonable price that will not put the buyer into a worrying amount of debt. Until recently, electric vehicles have been spoken about as a utopian solution to drastically decrease climate change. But in 2022, they are well on their way to becoming a staple vehicle in the current market. Forbes has recently released their list of the best and most affordable electric vehicles of the year, and you will notice many household name brands on the list.

Big Names Getting In On The Action

The circumstances have become obvious to car manufacturers. Although sales might be picking up again, there is a common debate among youngsters about whether purchasing a vehicle will be worth it. Having to finance a car can be enough of an expense without the suspenseful rise of gas prices, in addition to the environmental impact. However, it’s been reported that car manufacturers are well invested in the future of battery-powered vehicles, and are competing to take control of the mainstream market. This is good news for the consumer, as it will mean more affordable options will be made available to the public.

Biden Joins The Call

The president has even recently called for the manufacturing of batteries in the United States, which has encouraged the urgency and shown full alliance with the movement of an eco-friendly and cost-efficient transportation future. It has also become an apparent reality that schools across the US will soon have access to electric buses that will beat the price of diesel. This call to action will drastically affect the public sector and the environmental impact of the school district for the better, and lead to a sustainable practice for the younger generation (they’ll be transporting) to follow.

What’s Changed?

Although electric cars may sound great, what advances in technology have allowed there to be a surplus in materials to manufacture these completely new cars for the mainstream market? This influx of demand has allowed companies to invest in and improve the formula for electric vehicles. The main goal is to make electric vehicles affordable, and in recent years this has been done by swapping out the original batteries for lithium-ion batteries.

Benefits of EV Transmission

The non-fuel dependent benefits of electric vehicles were all made possible by the lack of a need for a transmission in the car. The vehicle transmission refers to the car’s gearbox, which is fueled by the explosive power of the gasoline-fueled engine. As described by Kia, “An electric engine is able to produce a consistent amount of torque at any given RPM within a specific range”. This results in all electric cars being automatic, as they don’t require a clutch.

Rise Of Smart Tech

The smart technology of other gadgets has also drastically changed over the last decade, which has, in turn, improved the usability features of electric cars. Hyundai has recently announced the introduction of smartphone control technology for their electric vehicles, which could change the way future models will be produced.

An Exciting Auto Future

For those who have always admired the technology of an electric car and find yourself in awe of the silent engine, no fuel and therefore no stalling or gear changing, and user-friendly features, your time to own an electric vehicle is fast approaching. UBS reported that by 2050, electric car sales would be at 62%, making them the more popular choice of vehicle. This means accessibility is only increasing, and a decrease in carbon emission will begin to take effect.

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