How to Look Presentable During Your Video Chat

Video calls seem to be one of the most contemporary methods to see each other in times of quarantine. Even if you are separated from your friends and live in a different country, you can always keep in touch with the help of video calls.

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If you wonder how to look good on video calls, it is a must for you to read this awesome guide. Why is it awesome? Because here you will only find the freshest ideas of how to look better on video. Are you ready?

How can I look good on the video? Check out the following 12 tips:

  1. Dress to impress

    The rule of thumb of how to look better on camera supposes every person to dress their best. It does not mean that you must buy the most expensive clothes to look stylish. On the contrary, you may even look at luxuries having just a few bucks in your pocket. It is a matter of taste and choice. For example, if you want to look fashionable, we recommend you dress in black. This will help you stand out in the crowd and make you look slimmer in front of the camera.

  2. Brush your hair

    There is nothing worse and more irritating than seeing another person who did not brush their hair. It means that such a person does not respect their audience and is not psychologically ready to hold a conference through a video chat. If you want to impress other people during a video call, please take care of the way your head looks. If you do not have a brush near you, you can always brush your head with your fingers.

  3. Brighten your makeup

    Luckily, almost all charming ladies and even men utilize makeup and we are not going to judge them. However, it would be nice if you used these tips to make your makeup brighter for the girls chat com or other meeting. It is an ideal time to show how creative you are. If you always dreamed to learn how to draw, why not start with applying some makeup onto your face.

  4. Choose a room with a nice setting

    If you want your home to look better than the home of other people, you should select the room with the most neutral setting. First of all, it will not irritate your friends or colleagues. Secondly, they will focus more on your words and speech rather than on the way your room looks.

  5. Clean your room

    pots plants cactus succulents

    It is possible to destroy the first impression if your room is not tidy. Clean it and make sure your camera is not dirty. The next thing you should do is to put some plant near you because it will help the eyes of people you communicate with rest. Moreover, they will treat you like a person who cares about the environment and the level of oxygen in the air.

  6. Make sure you are well-lit

    It is ideal to put the source of lighting in front of you. This will make you look not ghostly or washed. Make sure your room is well-lit because your friends will not check out how beautiful you are in your new outfit and astonishing makeup.

  7. Place your camera at the eye-level

    If you do not want to have a “double chin” in the eyes of your friends, you should put your camera at the level of your eyes. Also, the participants of your video call should be able to see more than just your neck and your face.

  8. Look into the camera hole

    Mug, Laptop, Camera

    Of course, it is more flattering to look into the reflection of your face on the monitor. However, it would be better to keep eye contact with a person you speak with. Therefore, try to look into your camera directly, at least, from time to time.

  9. Take a cup with some tasty liquid

    It would be nice if you managed to pour some water, juice, tea, or coffee into your cup and put it in front of the camera on your table. So that the atmosphere will be more friendly and inspiring when you will be talking to your friends, relatives, or colleagues.

  10. Test the video before you call

    Not to waste your precious time during the video call, we recommend testing the way your microphone and camera work. It is very easy to do and you will spend only a few seconds doing it.

  11. Focus on positive aspects

    It might be rather difficult to smile during the video call, especially, if you do not feel so. However, we would recommend concentrating on the positive and joyful sides and aspects of your life. It is not always as dark outside as you might think. The darker the night, the brighter the stars are lighting.

  12. Show up early

    Everyone hates to wait until someone is ready for the call. Try to be punctual and ready for the call even earlier than it is needed. Remember: the early bird catches the worm. To add more, you would better show up early, but before you do it, we recommend you build a little plan for your further discussion during the video call.

What is the best way a video conference should look?

Ideally, you should try to feel comfortable. Meaning, it is not always obligatory to dress in clothes you feel are uncomfy for you. The more loose your clothes are, the better it will be for your communication. The home atmosphere must be transmitted through everything you use during the video call.

Hope that the 12 tips mentioned above will help you reach the biggest targets!

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