5 Unique Ways to Utilize Resources for Better Productivity

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In today’s fast-paced world, almost every company is under the pressure of delivering flawless work. That too, within the shortest time possible. With so much pressure, it becomes essential to utilize software and resources to manage the entire workload.

Did you know that in the US, 1 in 10 workers give up their holidays so that they can work more efficiently? For better productivity, you have to utilize your resources in a creative and unique manner.

Here are 5 ways to utilize your resources effectively so that your work becomes productive and improved.

1. Track the current productivity

Before you start making any changes, you should first analyze the current scenario of your workplace. After all, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Many variables are involved in the productivity of your employees, so you have to consider all those before starting with changes.

Effective utilization of your resources isn’t just about who works the longest hours; you also need to see which employee makes the best use of their time. If customers aren’t happy or if the consultant is missing, that’s when you know there have to be changes made to the system.

So get a good grasp on how your employees are currently spending their time to understand things better.

2. Use software

After identifying the areas where you need to change things, the next logical step is to make use of software or equipment to track productivity. If you’re in need of a good workforce management tool, easy resource scheduling software shall be ideal for you.

It comes with a host of features like resource scheduling, project planning, capacity management, project forecasting, timesheets, and API and integration among many others.

No matter how many people or projects you have under you, you can sync all your data beautifully and automate the entire process using Runn. Track your progress in real-time and forecast future trends using this amazing software.

3. Embrace different methods of working

In any organization, no two employees will have the same opinions regarding things. Different groups of employees or even different kinds of work can benefit from one specific methodology.

So you have to embrace the different aspects of your resources and incorporate them together so that there’s balance. As such, you should make sure that the tools and management equipment that you have employed align and increase the efficiency of every worker, including you.

At higher levels, a more standardized roll-up can give you the required variables that you will need for a comprehensive view of your office. This will make things much easier for you and let you plan things smoothly.

4. Manage customer expectations

Without customers, no company can reach anywhere. Many organizations produce lengthy spreadsheets and tools to understand their customer services better but don’t pay enough attention to the customers’ actual expectations.

For example, salespersons are very eager to sell the products and offer good discounts or lower prices but they might not have the realistic timeframes or enough experience.

As a result, the sales may drop and the productivity of your employee can be greatly reduced. In order to prevent these problems, you should manage customer expectations. Make everyone understand the scope of the project clearly before they start selling.

5. Manage resource assignments

Along with managing customer expectations, you also have to manage resource assignments. Use high-level buckets right at the project or phase levels during the beginning, especially if you feel that resource management is a new concept in your company.

Also, remember that there isn’t any “one size fits all” policy here, so you have to introduce variables based on specific groups. For example, DBAs might be shared or utilized too much so you can increase the detailing levels to minimize any kind of conflicts.

Lastly, ensure that the decisions that you make related to resource management can evolve and grow because your needs and challenges will change over time.

Over to you…

Good resource management can significantly improve your business and help you to earn much more. Not only will this lead to higher productivity but also increase your brand value. Just remember to keep your projects on track and within the budget and time provided to the team.

If you face any technical difficulties, make use of software like Runn to automate your tasks. This will save quite some time and money and make sure your work is perfect.

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