How Online Andar Bahar Works

How Online Andar Bahar Works 1

Andar Bahar is a card game of Indian descent that relies on luck. However, some strategic moves increase your winnings when you land the winning card. And while this game traces its roots back to India, it has gained popularity.

What’s more, one of the leading gaming software providers, Pragmatic Play, has taken up the challenge of offering its online version to internet punters.

The dynamics of online Andar Bahar are quite different now that the gamer relies on software to place bets. And while the gaming procedures are pretty much the same as in brick and mortar wagering, you should learn the intricacies of online Andar and Bahar gambling. Here’s how this game works on the internet.

The Basics

Each gaming room has a branded table to differentiate between Andar and Bahar. A straight line at the center of the table allocates andar bahar a section. The game has simple rules and requires no skills to play.

Gamers only have to place bets and wait for the dealer to deal the cards. As with most other games of chance, this table game offers a 50/50 win or lose probability.

There’s a neutral box, also known as the joker, where the main hand is placed. The game aims to find a perfect match for the joker. Bettors can bet on the main hand, but other side bets are available for punters who want to minimize their risks.

Andar and Bahar Gaming Rules

This game requires no skill; therefore, you don’t need a degree, experience or unique tricks to win. Right after placing your bet, you wait for the game to begin. Since the game revolves around dealing cards, this task is left entirely to the casino’s dealer.

Players have to place bets before the betting window closes. While the punters place their bets, the dealer deals the joker. As soon as the countdown goes off, the betting window lapses, the bets close, and the game begins.

Wager fanatics can place bets on andar, bahar, or both hands. Once the bets close, the dealer deals cards to each side of the game until a winner is found. The side where the matching card lands are declared the game’s winner.

Available Bets

The game’s main bets are andar and bahar. You can wager on either hands or both. Aside from the main bets, you can wager on the joker card or the number of cards dealt. When betting on the joker card, there are four possibilities you can choose, and these are:

  • Above 8 – You wager that the joker card dealt will have a value that’s above 8
  • Below 8 – Players bet that the joker dealt will value less than 8
  • 8 – You predict that the dealt card will be valued at 8
  • Color – You wager that the joker will be red or black
  • Suits – You choose from spades, diamonds, hearts, or clubs and predict what the joker’s suit will be.

Gambling on the cards dealt is more intricate since the game segregates the cards into 5s. The available bets include:

  • 1-5 cards – The odds of landing the joker’s match within the first five dealt cards are at 23.81%.
  • 6-10 – The odds of winning through this bet are 21.7% winning odds.
  • 11-15 – 16.9% are the odds of winning the game on this bet.
  • 16-25 – Considering this bet has more cards than the others, it has the second-highest odds at 21.8%
  • 26-30 – The odds of landing a win with this bet are 6.09%
  • 31-35 – Your chances of winning when you place this bet are 3.69%
  • 36-40 – Gamers who pick this bet have a 1.89% chance of winning
  • 41-49 – This bet comes last at 0.79%, the lowest odds.

The primary betting strategies are the grand martingale and anti martingale strategies. Losing a bet requires you to double your gambling amount. The grand martingale dictates you double your bet and add your starting bet to the total when you lose. So, if your starting bet was $20, this is how you calculate your next bet.

1st bet – 20
2nd bet – 20*2+(1st bet)=60
3rd bet –  60*2+(1st bet)=140

Considering this is a game of chance, there’s a possibility you will incur a losing streak, so when betting using this strategy, the best way to go about it is to place a meager starting bet if you do not have a bankroll that can endure several losses.

On the other hand, the anti martingale strategy stipulates that players double their bet each time they win and get back to their original bet when they lose.

The hold or cold strategy is the second possibility to bet on. Bettors sometimes use their gut to pick a team based on their beliefs. If you believe on the hot side, you bet on the team with a winning streak. And if you believe in the cold strategy, you bet on the side with a losing streak since you have a gut feeling they will lose again.

How it Works

To play this game, you have to find a casino that offers it, signup as a member, and deposit some money. Placing your bets comes next. Depending on the casino you pick, you can wager with as little as 0.01$ or as high as $5000, reliant on your bankroll.

You then pick a betting strategy and wait for the dealer to deal cards. If you wager on the joker, you collect your winnings and get a correct prediction. If not, the gamer keeps dealing until he lands the joker’s match.

Each docket has a particular RTP for the cards dealt bets. The Return to player values differs from one game to the next depending on the gaming provider.

This online version has an icon dubbed ‘Game Help,’ which provides the most important details you need to know. These include intel on the main bets, side bets, how to place bets, and the value of each card. You also find an autoplay button to wager without moving a finger.

However, this option repeats the last bet you placed after each game. However, you can always find help from the live support team if things get challenging for you.

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