5 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners

Foreigners can find a job here in Singapore in various ways. You can use one of these tactics if you’re coming in on your own without personal acquaintances:

1. Job Boards

When you are already living in Singapore, you can use job boards when you do not require a job urgently. The meaning is that you are already of legal age to work in Singapore, are currently employed, and earn enough to apply for a work permit.

Job boards are slow and inefficient unless you want something specific or have experience in a particular field.

2. Networking or Referrals

Asking around your company is one of the best ways to find a job. Get to know the people in the city by spending some time there. Before Covid, the best way to visit the country was through short stays and attending professional conventions organized by LinkedIn, Internations, etc.

Due to government regulations, Singaporean companies will always prioritize Singaporean citizens, not due to cultural preferences.

3. In-House Recruiters

If you’re looking for a job here in Singapore, in-house can be your best friend. Recruiters can be found on LinkedIn, an excellent place to begin your search. You can also connect directly with hiring managers and recruiters if you wish. Search for “Company Name” and “Singapore.” The list of companies looking for candidates will appear.

4. Recruitment Agencies

Many companies in Singapore are associated with recruitment agencies such as Michael Page and Robert Walters. They can also help you find a job quickly.

Best Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners

5 Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners: Marine Superintendent Engineer, Engineering Director, Manager of Finance, Director of the Health Sector, IT Manager.

1. Marine Superintendent Engineer

Salary median: S$10464 per month

Commercially owned and managed vessels are operated by these engineers safely and efficiently. Marine Superintendent Engineers earn an average salary of S$10,464, making them the highest-earning professionals in the engineering industry. Five years after starting as junior engineers, they could be senior engineers.

Graduates of a Marine Engineering program with company experience are eligible to become Marine Superintendent Engineers. It is the Singapore Maritime Academy that provides such courses here. You can take conversion courses in marine engineering if you have an engineering background.

2. Engineering Director

Salary median: S$15,550 per month

Singapore has a high demand for engineers with management experience. An experienced professional can earn close to S$200,000 a year. In addition to their technical expertise, they have management experience.

3. Manager of Finance

Salary average: S$8,115 per month

Banks and insurance companies have financial managers who assist executives with their finances. Effectively communicating is essential for these logical and analytical people. Furthermore, they are responsible for developing the company’s long-term financial goals.

4. Director of the Health Sector

Monthly median salary: S$32,500

Healthcare management skills combined with organizational management can lead to a high-paying career.

A constant influx of skilled employees is needed in Singapore, the fastest-growing biomedical country. This surge of employees also requires management.

5. IT Manager

A median salary of S$9,200

IT managers and professionals drive technology advancements in Singapore. A fantastic job is done in maintaining Singapore’s IT hub status. The Singaporean government and private sector always need IT managers, and specialists.

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