How to Find the Best Bonuses for Online Casinos?

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The bonus is extremely popular at best Australian casinos and, it must be said honestly, quite a business for the operators. After all, many bonus offers attract players to the online casino in the first place. There is no one bonus and players should check exactly what the ‘gift’ is all about. At the same time, new players should not be the only ones to be rewarded. This article takes a look at the bonus and explains which variants are available.

New customer bonuses

Every player is confronted with this bonus. It definitely serves as a lure and is available exclusively to players who register at the casino for the first time or who are rebuilding an account that was once deleted on their own. In the latter case, however, the bonus is not a guarantee; each operator can set its own rules. But what is a new customer bonus, other than a gift to newcomers? The question is a good one, because there are different variants and all of them are distinguished by their own peculiarities:

Welcome bonus – it is the most common bonus for new customers, as the name suggests. As a rule, the bonus amount is linked to a deposit. How high this must be depends on the operator of the casino. The same applies to the effect of the bonus: doubling of the deposit (up to the maximum amount), cash amount on top, free spins on top, mix as all. Important for users is to look closely and read the terms and conditions for the bonus. Some casinos really give away money without a deposit or offer free spins. Sometimes there are pitfalls behind the promises.

Free spins – they are very popular and can be awarded without or with a bonus. At the same time, free spins in themselves turn out differently, because it does not always mean a free game. It can also mean ten games for the price of five.

With all bonus offers, it is important to read the conditions carefully. Especially the high bonuses are not to be obtained without effort. It is common for such an amount to be wagered by the player before being credited – several times, often twenty times or more. A bonus of 100.00 euros can now become expensive.

By the way, Swiss casinos also offer bonuses. But since the market is quite compartmentalized, other providers can also be found. Therefore, you should look at each online casino Switzerland bonus beforehand very carefully. With the best bonus offers for online casinos, you can namely extend your gaming pleasure by quite a bit.

By the way, everyone is free to accept, reject or simply ignore a bonus offer. If everything else fits, just not the conditions, then the player can continue to play quietly without a bonus or start to find suitable casino free spins no deposit.

Bonuses for existing customers

That a casino wants to lure new players into the virtual halls is clear. All companies do that anyway and they all work with bonus offers. But existing customers have been annoyed for years that they are forgotten when new promotions or offers are made. Especially in the telecommunications and utilities sector, this is a common practice. And what do online casinos do?

Typical offers – existing customers often have a chance to win a bonus offered to them in their inbox. Among them may be offers similar to the welcome bonus: Deposit an amount by date X, and you’ll get amount Y on top.

Personal bonuses – they also exist. They are based on the gambling behavior of the gambler. If the gambler plays exclusively on slots, he will receive a bonus offer for these games. The same applies to online roulette or live areas.

Loyalty bonuses – players who always play for a certain period of time in the casino and gamble regularly can receive loyalty bonuses. However, these do not always show up as an amount of money or offer free spins. Quite often, they are not related to the casino game at all.

Some possibilities for the loyalty bonus are that a player is invited to a special jackpot that only the loyal players are entitled to. Other casinos give away tickets to soccer matches, festivals or concerts. Shopping vouchers are also conceivable.

What else is important besides a bonus?

A good bonus offer has little point if the casino does not suit the player or has significant pitfalls. Even the highest bonus will hardly please a player if the offer does not meet his taste. Those who only play roulette are rarely interested in 2,000 slot machines. In addition, applies:

License – the online casino must have a license. Australia now issues licenses to online casinos. Other providers continue to use an EU license from Malta. This also states that the operator and the gaming are controlled and audited.

Accessibility – how can the casino be used? Online casinos are often used via a smartphone or tablet, but not all games are always available on mobile. The question here is whether the casino has its own app or whether the mobile website is perfectly designed for mobile use.

Payment methods – who plays for money, must also be able to deposit money. How is that regulated in this casino? As a rule, operators work with many online payment service providers in addition to direct debits and bank transfers. Almost more important, however, is the payout: from what amount can you withdraw any winnings at all? If this is too high, the money is usually gambled away. At the same time, for technical reasons, there are fewer options available for payouts, as many payment service providers only offer one-way transfers – from the player to the casino, but not back. Tip: Look at the fees. The providers usually prefer one payment method and charge fees for the others. If these are too high, the withdrawal is not much fun.

Especially inexperienced players should read some reviews and testimonials before registering. They give a good overview of what is going on behind the registration. The use of trial accounts can also be informative, as the player can gamble, but not yet wager any money. In order to see if you like the casino and if you can cope with the offer, this variant is ideal.

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